“Cricket taught me discipline, made me independent,” says Anju Jain | The Pioneers

It is often told to us that sports are the greatest teachers. India’s most successful skipper, MS Dhoni says that the game is a great leveler. In spite of all talks and big statements, very few professionals and especially cricketers have opened up about the learnings from their journey.

Female Cricket has taken a step further in bridging the gap between fans and the game. Their exclusive show ‘The Pioneers’ brings to them the exclusive tales of the game when it was not as common as we see it now. Anju Jain is a known face in women’s cricketing world. She has been active as a selector, as a coach and other at important roles too.

Female Cricket has reported all updates related to her career and finally, she sits with Vishal Yadav to go down the memory lane. Vishal takes to one of the most vital aspects of a game, he tells her to sum up the learning that she got from being a cricketer as well as being associated with various important roles relating to the game.


Anju Jain Female Cricket
Anju Jain. Pic Credits: ESPN Cricinfo.com


Anju, in her typical manner of sheer simplicity, gave a beautiful reply. Like all other humble players and lovers of the game, she doesn’t hesitate to state that all that she has is mainly because of cricket. She entered into the game as a young woman and her growth can be traced alongside the growth of the game as well. She grew mentally as an individual. Her game gave her independence. Moreover, being involved in the game for a period that spans well throughout her lifetime, the discipline has made its way to her personality off the field as well.

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Anju Jain - The Pioneers
Anju Jain – The Pioneers, a Female Cricket Exclusive


Further, she says the game teaches a person not only to enhance the show on the field but with experience, the human before the player gets the learning. Being a part of a naive team, there is greater scope for bonding in players. Players often look forward to each other for jobs that are given to support staff nowadays. This forms a greater degree of reliance and gives to lifelong friendships.

It was a naive Anju that got the blue Indian kit to her name but the years of serving the game have transformed her into a stronger and more known version of herself. Fans can catch an hour-long episode of Pioneers on Youtube. The candid conversations and talks will surely cherish the cricket lover in times like these.

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