Mithali Raj’s biopic to be Shot in London After COVID-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

Cricket and Bollywood are the lifelines of the second-most populous country of the world. The most comprehensive instance of the aforementioned statement can be the popularity of the Indian Premier League. The Indian domestic league has established itself as the biggest of its kind. The other successful combination was the release of biopic of MS Dhoni. Another biopic is waiting for the pandemic to fight.


Shabaash Mithu First Look: Taapsee Pannu as Mithali Raj (courtesy taapsee)
Shabaash Mithu First Look: Taapsee Pannu as Mithali Raj (courtesy taapsee)


83 featuring Ranveer Singh looks at the time and the uncertainty over its release. Tapsee Pannu’s Shabaash Mithu is another blockbuster that has taken a hit due to the lockdown. Pannu initiated her preparation with physique and cricketing skills. The pandemic, however, brought a halt to her plans whereas the makers kept themselves busy with pre-production stuff. The team, as per Mid-Day, is looking for a location in London for the shooting to begin.

Mithali Raj biopic announced
Mithali Raj biopic announced. Pic Credits


Ajit Andhare, CEO of Viacom Studios, said that photos will not be enough to decide a location. He said: “We have to figure out when it will be possible to shoot in the UK. At the moment, we are zeroing in on the venues while mapping the dates to suit all parties involved. Location hunting has been quite a challenge as recce is out of the question and we have to rely on pictures to determine if a venue is suitable for shooting. As a producer, I am jittery taking a call on something that we haven’t seen.”

As fan can guess, Shabaash Mithu is the biopic of one of India’s greatest cricketing stars. Mithali Raj will be the first Indian women cricketer to have a biopic to her name. There are no words to describe the contribution of Mithali Raj in Indian cricket. She has been the ambassador of cricket for female players in the country.

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Andhare said that the film is special. He highlights that cricket is loved by people in India and the story of Mithali is still not known to masses. He says that “As a cricket-crazy nation, we remember every story about the cricketing heroes but have ignored the women in blue who are as accomplished in the profession. That irony presents a great opportunity from a storytelling perspective.”

The movie shall reveal our ignorance, as a society, towards female sportsperson and not only cricketers. The movie is scheduled to hit the screens in January of 2021.

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