CAB Organises Wicketkeeping Webinar with former India Cricketer Deep Dasgupta

Cricket has changed a lot in recent decades. The sheer amount of competition that has made its way into the game is unprecedented. A player, in order to cement himself or herself in the side, always needs to be at his or her best. The best of a player has to come at times when the team and the situation demand it. Often a good over is of six deliveries only and the six is just a matter of seconds but it is the hard work from the past many years that get the top-notch execution in crunch situations.


Bengal State Women's Cricket Team
Bengal State Women’s Cricket Team


Lockdown has forced players into their homes but has also given them the break for recreational and theoretical purposes. The Cricket Association of Bengal seems to have realized the same. The association recently organized a wicket-keeping webinar for the female cricketers of the state.

This session was held under the supervision of former Indian player Deep Dasgupta. As reported by SportStar, the webinar had known faces like Richa Ghosh, Parna Paul, Sanstitha Biswas, and Aparna Mondal. Moreover, Head Coach Shib Shankar Pal and the batting coach Charanjit Singh were also a part of the webinar. In the light of recent happenings in the country, Deep Dasgupta had a special emphasis on mental health.

He said “It had more to do with mentally being strong and focused and how to stay positive with cricketing issues. Staying positive now matters the most and it will have a positive effect when they (players) get back to the ground. What to keep in mind during their drills was another topic of discussion”.

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Head coach Shib Shankar Pal further added that former Indian keeper would be present when the girls get together to practice. He said “They got morally boosted. It will give them more confidence when they play again. They are regularly in touch with cricket. When the girls practice again, Deep will be present for some classes”.

Richa Ghosh, who was also a participant, seemed happy after the interaction. She highlighted that the session had been useful for her and the players. She added “it was a useful session and taught us how to stay positive in a game even if you make a mistake. We asked questions to Deep Sir and he answered them, talking about his experience”.

Webinars have emerged as a new common for players throughout the globe. The pandemic has taught fans that improvisation can often be off the field too.

News Source: SportStar

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