Cricket Australia is ready for a female to run the game : Ellyse Perry

Cricket has always been the game of the people. The start was imperial but it soon made its way to colonies who played the game with unprecedented passion. Cricket has always reflected the people. When people were ruled by colonizers, cricket was about pride. Now people are fast-moving and the biggest crowd-puller for the game is the shortest manifest.

However, alongside all the traits, some downsides have made their way to the game too. Women have barely received opportunities to rise in the biggest stages. It is, undoubtedly, a mix of many factors but the societal role is undeniable. Ellyse Perry has been one of the best Aussie players and has been vocal about things around her.


ormer Australian wicketkeeper Christina Matthews to replace Kevin Roberts in the top job,. CREDIT:AAP
Ellyse Perry backs Former Australian wicketkeeper Christina Matthews to replace Kevin Roberts in the top job. Picture CREDITS: AAP


She recently said that it’s time Cricket Australia gives the CEO chair to a woman. As per a report, she further adds that there are several efficient females who can run Cricket Australia (CA). Cricket Australia has been in the news lately for its interim CEO. The board appointed T20 cricket world cup executive Nick Hockley into the role of interim CEO after Kevin Roberts resigned from his post amidst a financial crisis grappling the board.

Perry added that Western Australia chief executive Christina Matthews can make a good permanent CEO. In a video call, she told reporters that Cricket Australia has been ready for a female CEO for a while. She added that: “I know Chris was in discussions for the last round of hiring for the role. I don’t think its something that’s new”. Moreover, she went on to list a few women who are crucial to the working of CA. She said that

“We’ve got a number of women working in high executive roles in Cricket Australia, Belinda Clark, and Steph Beltrame to name a couple. They are absolutely pivotal in the way that we operate. So, yeah, I think there’s some really strong representation within cricket and leadership in the organisation already”.

Earlier this week, the board announced a reduction of the workforce by 40 and several other cost-cutting measures to ensure the smooth running of vital International matches in the wake of a global pandemic. There have been assurances, however, that domestic cricket would not be shortened.

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Perry thanked the ground staff and workers who have maintained the grounds in times like these and because of whom she and her mates will head to the ground again.

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