Is it Popular for Women to Bet On Female Cricket?

There is no doubt that women’s cricket is gaining popularity, in India, and across the world. It still has some way to go until it catches up with male cricket in terms of spectators, but it’s already influencing girls and young women and making its presence felt.

At the same time, women are also responsible for a considerable amount of bets placed on sport. So, do women tend to bet on female cricket? Let’s start by looking at the popularity of female cricket overall.   

The popularity of female cricket


Australia Women's Cricket team
Australia Women’s Cricket team. Pic Credits: ICC/Getty Images

The viewing figures for the last Women’s T20 World Cup are impressive. In India alone, there were 5.4 billion views for the tournament overall. This is great exposure for the women who played in the Indian team that came second in the tournament.

Many of these players come from humble backgrounds. For instance, captain Harmanpreet Kaur comes from Moga in Punjab and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana comes from Sangli. When young girls and women throughout India watch these women play they start to believe that they can achieve anything. This is not the only influence that female cricketers potentially have on other women. They could also have an impact on female sports gambling.

Women and gambling on sport

Sports betting has often been thought of as being a male-dominated domain. However, this has changed in recent times. Online companies like 10cric make it easier for women to place bets online. You can take a look at full details of the company and the way in which it helps its customers.

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This type of supportive environment is helping to make the world of gambling more appealing to women. As you can see from this report by the UK Gambling Commission, 42% of women who responded to a survey in the UK said that they had gambled. Obviously, this does not just include sports betting but it’s still a good indication of the growth of betting interest in the female population.

Research in the US also supports the assertion that women bettors are increasingly enthusiastic. Around four in ten of sports bettors in the country are female.  This female appeal has led to sports gambling advertising veering away from solely male-oriented content to themes which have a more universal appeal.

In summary

Female cricket has started to impose itself on the sporting world. It seems to hold a particular appeal for female sports fans and has acted as a good influence on girls in India, showing them that they can achieve their dreams.

While there is no specific data about how many women bet on female cricket, gambling on sports seems to be popular with women overall. This makes it likely that women are as likely to bet on female cricket as their male counterparts. This is especially the case if they are influenced by the players and are fans of a sport which is creating a positive influence on women across the globe.

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