18 Year old Annabelle Sutherland eyeing 120km/h mark

Lockdown has been hard for cricketing fraternity. Stadiums are deserted and spectators are missing the fever. For players, however, the break has given the time they’d wish for. The cricketing calendar is active throughout the year and breaks are not commonalities. It is nonetheless inspiring to see that players from around the globe have taken the task joyfully. They have entertained their fans and given the quality time to the family.

Annabelle Sutherland. Women's T20 World Cup 2020
Annabelle Sutherland. Women’s T20 World Cup 2020

As the outbreak fades from certain areas, players have started channeling their focus on the game now. Australian quick Sutherland makes it to the top of the list. In a recent report published by Cricket.com.au, Sutherland has revealed her ambition to be one of the fastest pacers in the country. She aims to use the full pre-season at her best and armor herself with 120 kph deliveries. She hasn’t reached the 20s but has done many things that are part of a billion dreams. She has been a part of the world cup winning squad, she has danced with Katy Perry and moreover, she has bowled to “The Sachin Tendulkar”.

These are just a few reasons why she is considered to be one of the Australian prodigies. Sutherland shall return to her practice at Victoria next week and add muscle to her body will be the only focus for a pacer straight out of high school. With the rise of professionalism in women’s cricket, there are greater chances for players to work on themselves with sporting science. At present, one of Sutherland’s teammate Tayla Vlaeminck can cross the 120 marks and Shabnim from South Africa can take the meter up to 125.

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Sutherland realizes a more dedicated and focused practice could take her speed into 120s from present 115. She says that a few extra kilometers in the pace does the trick and troubles the batter. She adds “It comes with building my strength as a base in the gym, so it’s been nice over the last couple of months (of isolation) to have a solid period to work on my fitness. Certainly, that’s something that I’m looking to build into my game and work on.”


Annabel Sutherland in action during the series against India A Getty Images
Annabel Sutherland in action during the series against India A. Pic Credits: Getty Images


Sutherland was recently awarded the playing contract by Cricket Australia, this summer. Fans will recall Elyse Perry and her views regarding Sutherland. She is the mentor to the young pacer and believes that she (Sutherland) has the potential to be one of the best from Australia. Perry has openly expressed her admiration for the pace attack and batting from Sutherland. She terms her batting as “classy”. She adds that “Time is only going to make her better. I’m really pumped that she’s getting the opportunity when she is because I think she could be one of the best we’ve ever produced”.

Aussie fans and cricket lovers would wish to see Sutherland reaching 130 consistently and taking the game to a new level. Those fearsome bouncers and deadly Yorkers are the spearheads of any bowling lineup.

News Source: Martin Smith for cricket.com.au

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