Watch: ‘Isolation Cricket Cup’ ft. Indian Cricketers from different locations

The whole world is locked down. Things don’t seem good for sports fans. However, things never go dull in the cricketing fraternity. With bundles of new content and contemporary modes of interactions by players and broadcasters, fans seem to have been rewarded with something to cheer for.


Reema Malhotra and Veda Krishnamurthy ready for a face-off
Reema Malhotra and Veda Krishnamurthy ready for a face-off


Indian women’s team has also risen to the call of the time. Veda Krishnamurthy along with Mona Meshram and Reema Malhotra has initiated the “Isolation Cricket Cup” for the fans. The cup is one-of-a-kind. It has all the cricketing vibes but most importantly as the name indicates, it follows social distancing and isolation. However, the support was not limited, the league crossed boundaries and reached Australia where the skipper Lisa took the commentary on herself.

In her video uploaded on twitter, Veda can be seen along with other Indian teammates in getting cricket to fans in difficult times of a lockdown. The video is a joy for cricket fans. We can see Veda, Mona, and Reema coming together for a jaw-dropping cricket sequence. The Aussie commentator and the ex-skipper start the proceeding by welcoming fans to the isolation cricket cup. The interesting part is that Malhotra was bowling from Delhi while the batter Veda was holding her bat in Bangalore.

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Not only batter and bowler, but the contest also had Meshram standing beside her bed as the fielder. The keeper for the match is Karnataka bowler Akanksha Kohli who plays for the state team. More enjoyable is innocence and honest effort by players to keep their fans happy. Malhotra before balling the ball has a face-off with batsman Veda. However, we also have an umpire, Anuj Malhotra (Reema Malhotra’s brother), who intervenes in the heat.

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Malhotra bowls a full delivery which is driven off covers. The ball was headed towards the boundary but Meshram gave a full stretch dive to stop the four and be complemented as one of most agile fielders in India. Her efforts also bring the spectators in light. They, naturally, are not in stands. Two little girls are cheering the cricketers from their couches.

Various sportspersons have tried to keep their fans engaged with the off-the-field facets of the game. Known faces along with players are using Instagram to go live and reach the fans and motivate them in times like these. Such efforts shall be appreciated. They inspire fans and make them more eager to fight the crisis and come back faster than ever for a cricket match on the soil.

Team Female Cricket is also keeping their fans engaged by going LIVE on Instagram and talking one-on-one with the national cricketers and talking about their experiences. We have also decided to come up with our Podcast that would celebrate the journey of our female cricketers. Stay tuned for more updates.

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