England Captain Heather Knight Joins NHS to bat against COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is facing unprecedented challenges now. The pandemic has affected billion of people throughout the planet. The spread of Covid-19 seems disastrous. All major cities and hubs have been completely overshadowed by lockdowns. Only essential services are operating on the streets.


Heather Knight expressed disappointment with the ICC Rules
Heather Knight expressed disappointment with the ICC Rules. Pic Credits: ECB


In times like these when there is an evident threat to the lives of communities, medical professionals have emerged as saviors. Communities and societies look forward to their heroes to step up and set examples. Film stars and cricketers have been admired and showered love from people around the world.

Cricketers like Heather Knight have made their way to the middle. According to recent reports, she has signed up for NHS volunteer scheme to help her nation in the fight against coronavirus. Her call was in line with the government seeking 250,000 volunteers for serving the community. Volunteers were needed for delivering medicines to the needy, driving patients to the hospital and getting them back to their homes.

They are also entrusted to check if people are isolating themselves effectively. It is heartening to hear from credible reports that nearly 700,000 have signed up for volunteering. Heather Knight, being one of them, said that she has a lot of time and wishes to help as much as she can. Interestingly her brother is a doctor. She said that her brother and his partners are medical professionals who are connected to the NHS.

She adds that they and all doctors and other health workers are working tirelessly. Happily telling about her new inning, Knight adds that she has volunteered to transport medicines. She offered to talk to patients if they are isolated. Her gesture is a drop of what sportspersons from around the world have been doing to serve their community. In times like these, communities and people have to come together to save humanity from an unimaginable and intolerable loss.

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