“She’s the life and soul of the hub to be honest,” says Amy Satterthwaite about her daughter Grace

Stars taking part in the WBBL are located in their bubble. The real star amongst them, however, is not someone from the cricketing field. The 10-month-old daughter of Renegades has proved to be the recipient of attention.

Lea Tahuhu, Amy Satterthwaite with Baby Grace
Lea Tahuhu, Amy Satterthwaite with Baby Grace. PC: Lea Tahuhu / Twitter


WBBL village sees no competition in star attention and Grace takes all players by storm. The daughter of Kiwi couple Lea Tahuhu and Amy Satterthwaite has been winning hearts and making new friends. Grace’s mums are worried as they think that the girl might just be bored with “just us”. Satterthwaite further said that Grace is a ball of energy and brings great smiles and laughs on people around her.

While Satterthwaite is worried about tours, Grace, she admits, seems to be a cruisy baby. She is easy to look after and the job gets easier as a parent. Satterthwaite leads Renegades and had given birth to their first child in January. She made her comeback into cricket with the RoseBowl series last month.

Tahuhu said that “You don’t know what to expect, but Grace has been amazing and everyone around us from both the (New Zealand) team and the Renegades, and everyone in the Village to be fair, has made it easy and been very accommodating”.

She added that “Everyone is vying for favorite aunty, and everyone is an aunty, which is great. When we get home she’s going be like, ‘Oh, I’m just left with the two of you know? Where have all my friends gone?’ That’ll probably be the hardest thing”.

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It is interesting to note that Melburnian Leigh Southern has been roped to take Grace’s care when the cricketing stars are busy on their on-field consignments. Satterthwaite, on Southern, said that “He’s been really good, it’s worked well having that support and being able to trust someone to leave Grace with and be able to go off to training and focus on that and not worry about her back home”.

She further revealed that Tahuhu has been the calming influence on the couple. Playing as a parent and especially training has been difficult as often one wants to see and cuddle the child at earliest. Tahuhu and Satterthwaite have been an inspiration from women around the globe. Parenting and professionalism have never seen such a beautiful engagement. While Grace shall keep the side engaged off the field, fans will hope that players keep them entertained on the ground.

Source: Laura Jolly for cricket.com.au

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