5 things women cricketers can do at home to improve their cricket

Sitting at home and not doing anything can be very boring. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has forced the cricketers to refrain from going out on the ground and practice. Since the players are losing out on their precious practice time, is there anything that they can do sitting at home which will help them to hone their cricketing skills? Yes, here are five things that the cricketers can try their hand at:

1. In-house fitness

Exercises at home
Exercises at home

The players can concentrate on improving their existing fitness levels. Strengthening their core during this holiday period can be considered. Core strength is very essential to play good cricket. Apart from this, the girls can undertake TheraBand exercises, which will help them to keep their full body in shape. In addition, if there are weights available at home, the players can do some weight training to build muscle and strength.

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2. Shadow practice

Cricket Shadow Practice
Cricket Shadow Practice

Shadow practice is a way to improve your cricketing skills when you are on your own at home. It requires neither any specific equipment nor any other person to help you with the practice. You can do shadow practice even in limited available space. It is one of the best ways that will help you improve your cricketing skills. It is usually undertaken by the players during off-season or when they are unable to go outdoors for practice.

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3. Hanging ball exercise

Hanging Ball Drills
Hanging Ball Drills

Hanging ball helps you to focus on your batting stance, grip, technique, back lift, and shots. In order to do the hanging ball exercise, you can tie the ball at different heights to practice different shots and even give the ball a swing if you want to practice hitting a moving ball. Also, you can hit the ball as hard as you want since it’s tightly secured. You can make a hanging ball by yourself or you can buy one. Many of the professional players have used this technique in their early days.

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4. Watch cricket videos

Typically, during the playing season, the cricketers seldom get time to sit and relax. Now that the players are compelled to be at home, it is a good time for them to watch cricketing videos, stories from cricketer’s journey that will help them to improve their game and learn interesting insights from some of the best cricketers around the world. Watching the cricket videos will give the girls idea about different techniques used and varied shots played as per situations. The videos can be paused and the players can practice the batting shot or the bowling grip, which they can then implement on the ground when they get a chance. The interview videos will help the girls understand how our players think, how they react to situations and what has made them the cricketers they are today.

Female Cricket recently launched a video series titled “Cricket With Queens” which brings you interesting and never heard of stories that our cricketers have lived throughout their journey so far. These inspirational stories are meant to bring out the best in you and leave you with lot of beautiful anecdotes.

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5. Proper nutrition and rest

Cricket Diet and Nutrition
Cricket Diet and Nutrition

During this break, it is important that the cricketers revisit their nutrition levels and rest patterns. Questions like, “Am I eating healthy food?” and “Am I getting proper rest?” should be answered by them. If the answers to these questions are negative, then the girls should strive to convert them into affirmative by the end of the holiday period.

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