The short-lived Kia Super League an interim solution that ultimately served women’s cricket well

The short-lived Kia Super League an interim solution that ultimately served women's cricket well

September 1, 2019, the day when our beloved Kia Super League called it a day! Not that it was in the best of interest of the cricketers or the support staff involved in the league but neither of them had a say, so living with the decision is the only option.

Not very happy with the abrupt end of the league, but still there are more than plenty of positives to take away.

Few of them includes the unearthing of talents like Smiths, Linsey and Bryony, and Kirstie Gordon, to name a few, the fan following that the league built even after having certain flaws, the opportunity that the youngsters got through this tournament is something that nobody can take away from this league.

There were always confusion whether to give chance to the domestic, the amateur players or the ones who have already established themselves and were doing well at their job, but somehow the league did good in providing a platform to all the players and a treat to all the fans out there. An unexpected end has surely saddened the audience, but the hope of a twist in the tale keeps them optimistic. Kia Super League, you will be missed!

Read the full report by Isabelle Westbury on The Telegraph here:

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