Exclusive: Jahanara Alam Interview – “My ultimate goal is to become the number one all-rounder in the world”

Female Cricket interview Jahanara Alam

Tell us about your childhood memories, your family and how did you fell in love with cricket?

I come from a very humble background. I used to play volleyball and handball at the school level and got the opportunity to represent my district and division, at the age of 10. At 14, back in 2007, I got the opportunity to play cricket, thanks to a coach who took the first step to form a women’s cricket team for Khulna division followed by Bangladesh national women’s cricket team under by BCB. Above all, it’s my family without whose support I wouldn’t have been the Jahanara Alam I am today.

You were not really a huge cricket fan, how did cricket become a part of you and where did you start your professional career from?

Yes, I never liked cricket before starting my career. When I did get the offer to play cricket, I thought of giving it a try and that started my international career in 2008. Officially it would be counted after getting ODI status in 2011. And cricket is my life now. I can’t imagine my life without this sport.

Women’s cricket has been fighting with cultural norms, how did you fight these struggles and what inspired you the most?

Behind every success story, there are a number of struggles. But thanks to my family’s support I was able to overcome all the obstacles that came my way. Be it societal, be it cultural, my family was like a shield and they made sure I am giving my 100% to this sport.

Being a medium pace All-Rounder in the team, fitness and technique are certainly the most crucial aspects. How do you work on both?

Fitness is all about following a routine. The routines we follow during our camps advised by our coaches are something I commit to follow in the off-seasons as well. That has helped me a lot.

Women’s IPL has become a revolution for cricket, how was your experience playing in that tournament and how crucial do you think these matches are?

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I think women’s IPL shall take place as a franchise league shortly. This is very important for the development of women’s cricket, globally. it will gain popularity like the men’s game does. Viewers enjoy competitive cricket, like the WIPL, I personally enjoyed the tournament. It was a different experience for me. Sharing the dressing room, with players from different backgrounds, there is always so much to learn.

Exclusive: Jahanara Alam Interview - "My ultimate goal is to become the number one all-rounder in the world"

You have always been an excellent fielder. How important do you think is fielding’s contribution to cricket and what is your approach towards it?

In cricket, you may or may not get to bat or bowl, but fielding is the most important aspect of the game. And contributing to the field is very important for a team by any player. Good fielding and catches can win you matches!

You were a part of the Multi- Nation Women’s Global Development squad. Tell us more about that tournament and how has it impacted you and cricket?

I think this type of (WGDS) program impacts cricket globally. You can learn lots of things from different players, different coaches, and different weather conditions. I hope that soon I receive an opportunity to play in the Kia Super League or WBBL, representing my nation.

What has been your most favorite cricketing memory so far and what does your ultimate goal look like?

My most favorite cricketing memory has been Asia cup final match in 2018, which we won and made History, by beating India. My ultimate goal is to become the number one all-rounder in the world.

The Netherlands series is on the cards, what all areas would you be focusing on to make a mark in the T20 format?

Well for the T-20 match I always look to bowl dot balls while I do bowling, And while batting I just focus to take a run in every ball and finish the match for my team. About fielding, my target is to contribute to my team always.

What are your personal targets for the upcoming T20 World Cup qualifiers and how important will it be for Bangladesh Cricket?

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Our team target is to become a champion in this tournament. One of my personal target is to become the number one bowler as I take my team to win every game in the T20 World Cup Qualifiers. Both these targets are aligned.

In 2018, you became the first bowler for Bangladesh to take a five-wicket haul in WT20Is, what was that feeling like?

During that match I felt that I have done my job well as a bowler, I was very satisfied. After finishing the match when I realized that, I made a record, then I felt very happy. Actually hard work always pays off now I am waiting for another record!

A few words for the budding cricketers?

Do proper hard work, don’t lose your hopes, think positive always. Don’t wait for success, success will automatically come to you if you are doing all the above things right.

Exclusive: Jahanara Alam Interview - "My ultimate goal is to become the number one all-rounder in the world"

You were named the ICC “Standout player in the team” post the 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20. How has it impacted you as a player and as a person?

Credits and acknowledgments like these mean a lot to me. They inspire me and boost my confidence.

We at Female cricket aim towards encouraging and promoting women’s cricket. Your valuable suggestions and feedback will definitely help us improve. Any suggestions/feedback for us?

W omen’s cricket is doing great and showing much more competitiveness day by day worldwide. I would like to see women’s cricket becoming the number one women’s sport in the world. For this to happen, we need lots of support from media, from broadcasters for LIVE streaming all the matches & increasing coverage by the newspaper, news channels, social media as well and also we need support from the sponsors. I am happy that Female Cricket exists and is helping voice out our concerns. Keep it up!

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