Honest reviews: When Kapil Sharma invited Mithali, Jhulan, Veda and Harmanpreet

Welcome to The Kapil Sharma Show; it’s the 100th episode, everybody Loves the show!

But hey, the show was extra special for us, the followers of Female Cricket!
Why? Because of the guests that were invited on the show!
There was Boman Irani who had come in with his set of Kids (Participant) from his other show on the same channel. But that’s not what got us excited.
Then what were we so excited about?
Well after Boman left, the most exciting thing happened!

And that is?


Honest review of Kapil Sharma's 100th Episode with Mithali,Veda, Harman and Jhulan

That was Soooooooo AMAZING! I am sure, that must have been your expression as well! 

Mithali and Jhulan came in looking very simple, while Harmanpreet and Veda came in prepared, looking glamorous and pretty, to face the world through the camera.

ithali Raj, Veda Krishnamurthy, Jhulan Goswami and Harmanpreet Kaur celebrating 100th Episode for Kapil Sharma show

Kapil started introducing the ladies, felt as if he forgot the names of Veda and Jhulan at a point. He further continues, “to ye hamari mahila cricket team ki members hai, Mithali captain hai aur ye sab mahila cricket team ke liye khelti hai; Translation: so these are members of our women’s cricket team, Mithali is the captain and rest all play for the team” (haha Kapil, you should have done a better study, Veda might be a fairly new-comer, but Harman is the vice captain and Jhulan is the bowling spearhead. Your, such a casual intro is very unjustified and unfair)

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Further he goes on to say “aapne hamesha inhe cricket ki uniform mein dekha hoga; Translation: you must have always seen them in the cricketing uniform ” (yes true, if BCCI have their mercy, they get to play international and if Star Sports have their mercy, we get to see them)

Mithali Raj at Kapil Sharma Show
Source: Youtube Video Screenshot

Now Siddhu throws in one of his Siddhuism ShayariDesh ki Aan Ban Shaan ke liye khelti hai, maidan pe desh ke swabhiman ke liye khelti hai, yun to khelti hai ye apne pehchan ke liye, lekin sabse pehle tirange ke Samman ke liye khelti hai; Translation: They play for the nations pride and prestige, on the field they play for the nations respect; as such they play for their own recognition, but primarily they play for the tri-colors reverence” (Nailed it Siddhuji, so true it is, with such minimal recognition from BCCI, very true the ladies are actually playing only for their own recognition and Nations Pride)

Later Kapil goes on to say, that ever since we remember, we have only known that guys have been playing the sport, but now the ladies also have started playing the sport and made a mark for themselves. (Dear Kapil Sharma, please speak only for yourself and get you facts correct; Girls have been playing international cricket even before your father was born, I mean literally. More so, India has had an international team even before you were born. Another fact file: Over-arm bowling in cricket was an initiative by women cricketers)

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Veda krishnamurthy and Harmanpreet Kaur at Kapil Sharma show
Source: Youtube Video Screenshot

Now Siddhu started praising Mithali, mentioning that he has read about her achievements a lot, but never got an opportunity to meet the lady and now that he has finally met the lady, he felt Proud. (Ofcourse it was all scripted, but if this was true; Siddhu jee, being a Cricketer yourself, I feel sorry you haven’t met her yet)

He further goes on to ask Mithali how much runs she has scored. I think he probably had an idea but, the conversation was so constructed, as if he didn’t really know that she along with English woman, Charlotte Edwards are the only ladies in the 5000 club. Probably this was to justify the magnitude of her achievement. 

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Later Siddhu states, addressing to Jhulan, that looking at you I can clearly make-out that you are a fast bowler. (Siddhu: I know you have retired, but I didn’t know you have extracted your cricketing memories also. How can you not know Jhulan Goswami – The Jhulan Goswami. She is not just a Fast Bowler, she is the Spear-head of the Indian Bowling attack. May be not for her other achievements, but atleast for the fact that she has won the ICC Women’s Player Award few years back, you should have atleast known her. You are one of our cricket idols, what you say impacts many others.)

Veda Krishnamurthy at Kapil Sharma's show
Source: Youtube Video Screenshot

Well the show carried on in the regular fashion, with Kapil asking some question about Jhulan’s bowling speed, and then sledging and Cheer leaders and Marriage and so on, and laying out a funny perspective to whatever is been said/replied. But the marriage part was where Kapil was floored 😀

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Kapil asked Harman and later to Veda, about who they like in actors or have a crush on. Both responded with the same name “Ranbir Kapoor”. Harman further goes on to add, “vo to aap ke wali k sath set hai” (hinting about Deepika Padukone) and then the expression she gave was KILLER! And then it was Veda’s turn. Veda flirts with Kapil saying, that your sweetheart is set with my crush, then why don’t we think about setting ourselves together. And the always on Flirt Mode Kapil was speechless. 

The show as such was the general making fun, leg pulling, Nacho-Nacho Dance-Dance activity. But then again Kapil is running a comedy show, he is supposed to do that. The Girls were visibly having a lot of fun.

It was a phenomenal gesture on behalf of Kapil Sharma and Sony TV to have brought these 4 ladies on the show, not just that, the promos about the ladies coming on the show were aired more then 2/3 days prior to the show, which is not the case on Star Sports, when their match is going to be aired.

Jhulan Goswami at Kapil Sharma show
Source: Youtube Video Screenshot

However I also noticed that normally while Siddhu is rolling with his Shayaries of praise, to the guests, he had only 1 that was in the beginning. But the thing I felt the show missed out was, that the Women’s World Cup is approaching. There had to be a mention and wishing for the best during the same. A lot of us are still unaware of this mega event and this needs to be highlighted. 

Nevertheless, it was a treat for all the women cricket fans to watch their superstars on TV, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible, thanks to BCCI. All I am saying is that: The Script could have been better! Do comment down your views. 

Mithali Raj at The Kapil Sharma show
Source: Youtube Video Screenshot

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