5 things every die-hard Cricket fangirl has experienced

Cricket, the game which is widely regarded as the gentlemen’s sport has its niche carved in the lives of women too. Both on and off the field. There are ladies making their mark in the field, there are female supporters as well to the game. But is it all the same being a female cricket fan? Maybe, not always.

Here are few things you’d find relatable if you are a female fan of the sport.

Those frequent eye rolls.
That moment when you tell someone, “cricket is your life”, get ready for instant eye rolls. Eventually, you get so used to it and nothing bothers you, because you have learned to live such bouncers.
Okay, bring it on!

You’re immediately assumed to be just a player person.
Them immediately; oh, you like cricket? Whom do you find cute? *winks eye*
*your turn to roll eyes* Well, well, may your judgments calm down. I find it really cute when the bowler rips the stumps. Ripping. Precisely.
You lil ripper, we’ve all been there, ain’t we?

When they’re soundless about your soundness of the game.
You are tend to be assumed to be a mere fan with no insight into the sport. The technicalities you know may give them a sound blow.
Orthodox strike their assumptions, loudly.

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You’re used to be teased by your friends.
Be it your male friends or female friends, they either tease you about being too busy with the game or you being totally unaware of other things.
Phew, there’s more to the (cricket) tale, folks! We all know it.

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You rope in your friends to the sport.
Those overwhelmingly stupendous fielding which just prohibits the ball from crossing the boundary, how thumping it’s to watch! We are all that fielder. Sometimes, at least. Our plans with our friends are based on the cricket schedules, basically, eventually getting them to watch the game.
That is some off field acrobatics we all do!

It’s all these cliché ideas that adds up to the spice of living the sport, cricket. We all surely have had experienced many more.

Share if you agree on this and comment down your experiences.

Awaiting to hear your tales!

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