New Year 2017 Mantra from Female Cricket

It is already New Year and we all are hoping it to be even more productive than the last one. New beginnings and new resolutions are being made so that this year turns out even more fruitful than the previous. In the end of this year again how will we measure whether it was that effective or no? Progress is measured in terms of difference made, the amount of change brought to either behavior or mindset. The progress of a community can be measured by the degree of freedom which the women have achieved. We are in a world where things are constantly changing as we build our surroundings and we constantly build ourselves. When we say we support Women in cricket we have to constantly work towards providing motivation.

Your 2017 Cricket goals be like
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MS Dhoni-led Indian team wore the name of their mothers during the 5th ODI against New Zealand, on the individual jerseys in a gesture to appreciate their sacrifices. It took so many years for a mother to get her name on her son’s T-shirt. So how long will it take for the crowd to give their full acceptance to their daughters playing cricket.

Motivation can be baseless without Acceptance. It is really an act of courage to be different, to not follow the crowd and to take up something independently. Women hardly are allowed access and rights to their dreams and when a young girl decides to hold the bat she needs motivation to fuel that dream and acceptance to drive those dreams to destiny.

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The next thing that is important is Freedom. People say a girl when born is decided to have the struggle printed on her hand as this fate adheres to her gender. Her freedom is accompanied by bondages in this world. Hence women who aspire to be cricketers need freedom from social norms, stereotypical society, cultural beliefs and emotional opposition. A female cricketer needs freedom from everything that keeps her away from her goals.

Mithali Raj once said,” I want people to remember me as Mithali Raj.” We often use the term ‘leader by an example’ but isn’t it apparent that the example needs to be circulated for the leader to come to the spotlight. How will a female cricketer be acknowledged as a leader or a role model if her deeds are ignored? In a world where faults will get to the table before the abilities do; maintaining the position of a leader is a task difficult in itself. Hence the progress of women in cricket needs to be propagated with positivity across distances. This year try to dedicate yourself to female cricket in a few simple steps.

Offer Motivation. Build Support. Provide Freedom. Promote Female Cricket


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