Women’s cricket 2016 – Highlights of the highlights!

2016 has come to its closure. It had its drama, reactions, impacts and everything but dullness! Sports had its tuning in refining the happenings.
While we bid adieu to the roller coaster ride of this page of life, here’s a gist. Before we turn to the next page, rewinding some moments from the cricket arena of women:

1. The Parallel Tournament.
15 March’16, it was the fifth edition of the ICC Women’s World Twenty20. For the first time, the tournament was played parallel with ICC Men’s World Twenty20. Two groups, ten teams, competed from each different cricketing nation.

2. The Sexist Twist.
No short of drama, too. Prior to the ICC Women’s World Twenty20, Pakistan cricketer and former captain of the Pakistan national side made an unpleasant remark.
Host: Recently, I came across a news about trials for U19 women’s cricket team being held in Peshawar. What are your views on this? Do you think our women should participate more in sports?
Shahid Afridi: Well, our women cook very well.
Host: No, but I meant…
Shahid Afridi: Thank you, you got your answer.
This not only fumed the women of the sport, but also the entire cricket fraternity. Phew, legend?!
The link to the interview:
Click here

3. The Rivalry Camaraderie.
Moments which insights its depth into the details of the sport. Defining what you need for life. Here’s when Anam Amin of Pakistan ties the shoelaces of Harmanpreet Kaur of India during their match in New Delhi.
The shot which captures the frame of the sport’s essence to life:

4. Loop Play The Champion Song!
The signing off of the ICC World Twenty20 tournament had its assortment of firsts. For the first time, the final of each tournament, ICC Men’s World Twenty20 and ICC Women’s World Twenty20 was played on the same day at the same venue. Doesn’t end there. Eden Gardens, Kolkata lauded the Windies twice, with each tournament won by West Indies men and women. Another first!

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5. Tournament Beyond Finals.
An ICC release stating the impact of ICC Women’s World Twenty20 showed a statistics of 24.5 million TV viewers in India alone, as well as an average audience of 100,000 in the USA on Willow TV. Cheers to the cheering champions, the audience.

6. Asia’s Shimmering Shine.
The women’s cricket teams of Asia contesting the ACC Women’s Asia Cup was in its sixth edition. The tournament consisting of One Day International and Twenty20 International cricket, was being played in the Twenty20 format for the second time. In the finals, India beat Pakistan by 17 runs to lift the cup, for the sixth time, consecutively. Indeed, the dominance of India gauges the volume of the nation in the tournament.

7. The Bashing League.
With the second season of the league, it has been a big start for a bashing impact. Big bash has had its impact beyond boundaries, tapping and tuning the finest of format. Quoting an Aussie website, “The influence was felt beyond national level too, with the Women’s Cricket Super League in England a result of Australia’s success; the Governor General’s XI introduced as an annual event; a number of young guns promoted to debut for the Southern Stars and the push for better pay resulting in NSW’s team being elevated to professional status.” The kind of league which has its mark inspirational.

8. A Rating Hit.
The booming commencing of the Women’s Big Bash League has had its statistical vision of mark. A press release by Cricket Australia stated, Network Ten’s coverage was a hit with viewers, attracting significantly higher ratings than last summer’s season average. Session two of the Sydney Thunder-Melbourne Stars clash drew 432,000 viewers nationally – up 67 per cent on last summer’s season average – and peaked at 637,000. In the capital cities alone, the viewership of session two was up 77 per cent on WBBL|01 and it ranked as the most-watched WBBL match ever. A clean hit from a promising league of the talents.

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9. Beyond The Field, Fields Vision.
Its in the field that inspires for the fields beyond. Going by the statistical impact, the interest towards the sport has had an enthralling rise. With the increasing number of fans and the interest to take up the sport professionally, it has added up to the boon with encouraging support from the various cricket bodies. While the tournaments derives the thirst, the league quenches with its glossy twist to spice up the sport. Quoting Cricket Australia in context to the ongoing Women’s Big Bash League, “It was also particularly pleasing to see the number of young girls in attendance over the weekend, showing the WBBL is achieving its goal of providing women and girls with a visible example of how they can participate in cricket both as players and fans and giving us great hope for the rest of WBBL|02.” That’s a promising future for the raw yet fruitful fielding from the league.

10. Hiking Horizons.
Overall, the year has had an impactful growth in the boost of women’s cricket. But that wasn’t the limit. It’s a boost the horizon of cricket, to widespread its arena. Hiking limits of the sport, the life.

That was the highlights of the highlights from 2016. In the coming years to come, may cricket grow limitlessly, not just on the field but in boosting its effect on the essence of the life. Gentlemen’s game? The sport for the humankind’s game of life, perhaps?

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