Nepal and Thailand setting a perfect example for women’s cricket around the world

Everyone likes appreciation of sincere efforts. Appreciation is necessary irrespective of how quantized the effort is. Cricket is a game where a player needs to excel, give in efforts and hope for the best. Hence when efforts are made, they should be respected.

India and Pakistan are considered as the cricket giants in the female cricket owing to their performance and experience that they’ve gained along the long run. However, the other teams have also given their best and not failed to perform in the matches.

Talking about the new recruits Nepal, Hong Kong and Thailand, ignoring the tag of victory and defeat we must appreciate that they have come a long way from national to international level to play with the giants. Their courage and effort is remarkable in the contribution to female cricket and is indeed going to motivate others to start with their respective journey.

Making a debut in Asia Cup this year, Thailand also hosted the challenge this year as it took place in Bangkok. Even though they are considered as a fresher in the international challenge in Asia, their journey with cricket had begun silently years ago than the present. The SomnarinTippoch led Thailand team has come a long way from the year 2007 to the very day Asia Cup matches to secure a position in female cricket. They made their international debut in Malaysia against Bangladesh in 2007. Even after facing defeat at the hands of the opponents the team’s manager encouraged the women’s team to persevere and continue the hard work.

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The youngest players so far in the squad have been Suleeporn Laomi and Sainammin Saenya as they were just 17 years old when they were selected. The team is filled with skilled batswomen and they have an edge over the others in this term.The Thailand women’s cricket team is driven along with the captaincy of Somnarin Tippoch.. Thailand has also put in significant amount of effort in regional as well as international matches and has made it as a team to the Women’s Asia Cup. Thailand has been contributing through their efforts and has been growing as an international team.

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The team of Nepal is led by its inspiring captain Rubina Chettri and coached by Shyam Sun Jung Thapa along with the coordination of its manager Sanjaya Raj Singh. Like the above team, Nepal also made its international debut in July 2007. It has been a difficult journey for them too because for a nation like Nepal to receive recognition for their women’s cricket team is a thing in itself. Nepal is thriving towards gaining experience from the initial year itself as they have been participating in various international tournaments since then. Their team is made up of the top listed athletes from other sports.

Nepal won the ACC Women’s Championship in 2008 and later remained consistent by defending its title in 2010. In the Women’s T20 in 2009 the present captain bowled the miracle last over by taking five wickets in five balls and also became the first Nepalese cricketer to take a hat-trick. The team has experienced players like Rashmi Chaulagain, Karuna Bhandari, Nirmala Kumari and Neera Rajopdhyay exhibiting admirable cricketer skills at the pitch.

Their contribution and hard work wouldn’t go unnoticed. This is just the beginning of their long journey in international female cricket. They’ll rise to the expectations and put undue efforts when the next edition comes out. In cricket, you can never really predict victory till the last ball is played. Similarly, you can’t predict success till the last match is played. This is just the start run because you have many miles of steps to take and a history of moments to make on the track.

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