Summary of Women’s Asia Cup 2016 – Nepal Women Vs Pakistan Women

Nepal won the toss & chose to bat. Probably the 1st match between India Women & Bangladesh Women might have inspired the decision.

Pakistan women starts on a winning note in Asia Cup 2016

The decision soon proved to be wrong with Anam Amin picking wickets right in her 1st over on the 3rd & 4th bowl. Kajal Shreshta 1 run off 7 was the 1st & Sita Rana Magar 1st ball duck, to go on a score of 4 off 2 overs.

3rd wicket came in the form of a runout of N. Rajopadhyay on 2 off 7, Nepal stumbling, 3 for 7 runs in 3.4.

After early wickets keeper Jyoti Pandey & Indu Barma tried to bring in some stability but the Ex-Captain of Pakistan Sana Mir Picked up the 4th Wicket of Jyoti Pandey 8 off 19 (1×4), with Nepal on 16 in 6.4 over.

Nepal losing 3 more wickets in consecutive over, but the destruction wasn’t done yet as Pakistan looked in full throttle mode.

7.5 overs, Nary Thapa 0 off 5, Nepal Women 5 off 17
8.4 overs, Sita Rana Magar 1 off 5, Nepal Women 6 off 21
9.4 overs, Indu Barma 8 off 12 (1×4), Nepal Women 7 for 26

After a 14 run partnership between Nepal Captain RC Belbashi & Karuna Bhandari, 8th wicket was Karuna Bhandari (14.2 overs) with 6 off 15, Nepal 40 off 15.
17.4 overs SC Kumari gets runout with a 0 off 10 balls, Pakistan Women 46/9

The Nepal captain was the last wicket of the innings to fall on the 1st ball of the 19th over on 47 runs, who was the highest scorer of the innings with 11 runs off 33 balls.
Extras were the 2nd highest contribution to the Nepal innings with 9 wides & 1 leg bye.

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Pakistan Openers Ayesha Zafar & Javeria Khan started on a steady note scoring 20 off 4 over.
After Nepal Captain Rubina Belbashi & Sabnam Rai each bowling 2 overs giving 11 & 9 runs respectively. Karuna Bhandari came into the attack followed by Sita Rana Magar, both giving 4 & 8 runs respectively in each of their over’s bringing the score to 32 off the 6 over’s off the power play.
Karuna’s 2nd & 3rd over conceded 3 & 4 runs respectively. Sita’s 2nd over conceded 4 runs. Pakistan 44 off 9 over’s without any wicket lost.
With just 4 required to win, Pakistan lost their 1st wicket that of Ayesha Zafar 26 off 35 (3×4) in the form of a runout, on the 1st ball of the 10th over.
New Batter Nain Abidi scored 3 of them off 4 balls to finish the match. Javeria Khan stays not out on 16 off 21 (1×4)

Pakistan comfortably won the match by 9 wickets with 10 overs to spare, in just 33 minutes.

The Pakistani Team overall prove to be too strong for the newcomer’s Nepal.

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