Gurgaon Women Cricket Premier League concludes on a positive note

Gurgaon Women Cricket Premier League (GWCPL) was organized on April 29,2016 at Tau Devi Lal Stadium. The event was organised by a leading food products company and celebrity motions to empower women athletes.

The cricket match between two women’s teams, Warriors and Swaggers had an IPL-like touch. The DJ kept rolling tracks every time the ball raced towards the boundary line, or someone took a wicket. Keeping the DJ company were some dhol-wallas and a few city-based celebrities who were there to inaugurate the match.

The warriors won the match by 7 wickets, chasing a total of 112 in mere 15 overs. The game between the Warriors and Swaggers will be remembered for giving women’s cricket in the district a shot in the arm.

“About 100 people came to watch the game. All this feels nice because this shows that at least some people think our matches are also as important. “They say cricket is not a women’s game. We are here to prove them wrong.” Said Gauri Gaur, a Gurgaon girl who has represented Haryana in the nationals, and is fondly called ‘Little Dhoni’ by her friends.

It was a huge opportunity for young female cricket players. Kudos to those who are helping female cricket to grow.


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