When Cricket got a new name last month – CHAMPION

What can we learn from the West Indies cricket team?

The West Indies’ DJ Bravo’s latest track ‘Champion’ has taken the world by the surge. This anthem will motivate you. It calls each of the player a champion and further branches out to call the many black people all over the world like Serena Williams and Nelson Mandela also, champions.

The song was their mantra this year. And it seems to have done the trick.
The West Indies have had a phenomenal year. At the celebration at the Eden Gardens after winning the World T20 2016, their proud team mentor, Curtly Ambrose held up three fingers. Three wins in 2016, it signified- The under 19 T20, The women’s T20 and the Men’s T20 all in their pockets.

But not many know the story behind Captain Sammy’s smile when the team won.
After being demotivated by their own cricket board,the West Indies cricketers had all stood through a hurling of negative comments from ex cricketers and managers. The players were determined to change the perspective of the people who had underestimated them. They played with a vengeance and gave it back.
Determination to plough forward through tough times- this lesson is main for a sportsman or woman. No giving up. The word Quit is not an option.

So who is a champion?

Imagine the day you set off to pursue your dream. All set, game face on, you plunge headfirst into a life of your choice. But everywhere you go, you are frowned upon, underestimated, tripped over taut strings.
How many of you would quit after you fall ten times?

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Very few people have the strength to stand up every time they fall. And these few are always the Champions.
The Windies got to the top leaving a million admirers in their wake.
You too can climb every wall built in your way to success. Just remember, you are also a champion.

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