Exclusive : Interview with Disha Kasat – Vidarbha Women’s Cricket Player

Vidarbha has been home to many budding cricketers. One such player and about whom we are talking is Disha Kasat. This 21 year old girl in the recent past times has been among the most talked players who have displayed great cricketing skills and immense talent. Her journey and her performance is enough to show that sheer hard-work and dedication towards your goals can definitely lead you where you deserve to be. A lot was discovered by our ears from the interview about her life and her journey.

Exclusive : Interview with Disha Kasat - Vidarbha Women's Cricket Player


Excerpts from the interview below: 

Q1. When did you start playing cricket?

Ans: I started playing cricket at the age of 14 when I was in the 9th standard. From 7th – 12th standard I studied in Amravati when I had also joined a club for 6 months. After that my coach sir asked me to go for a camp in Nagpur and appear for the trials. I was a bit uncertain about this but he told me to simply go and give the trials and not to worry much as it had only been 6 months for me joining the club. Surprisingly I was picked up in the 20 in the Nagpur camp and later on also in 15 for the U-19 camp (probables). 

Q2. Tell us something about your family. Any siblings? If yes, were they interested in cricket? 

Ans: I am a single child. I don’t stay with my parents currently. Till 7th standard I stayed with them but after that I moved to Amravati where I lived with my aunt.

Q3. Among all the sports how did cricket become your sport or was it that cricket was the primary focus from the very beginning.

Ans: From my childhood itself I never liked to play any indoor game. I always used to play out with the boys. Also cricket was never the primary focus. One instance I remember when I was playing out in the garden at the back side of the house with some 10 boys and when my aunt told me that I better join an academy and play there happily rather than playing in this fashion.

Q4. What was your family’s reaction when they came to know about your playing cricket more than just on a casual basis. Were they supportive in this regard? What challenges did you face while proceeding professionally towards cricket?

Ans: I come from an academics background. My father and even all my cousin brothers have pursued some professional academic degree and are into the same sort of profession. My father was of the opinion that I do whatever I like but I do it with all my passion, effort and hard-work. He always said that I make sure that whatever I do in life I be the best in it. Apparently my mother was not so in favour of me playing. She wanted me to take up career seriously in the way it was going, that is, something in academics.

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Q5. How much were you inclined towards studies? Were you ever willing  to continue with studies alone or just cricket?

Ans: I secured 86% marks in my 12th standard with commerce. I wanted to go ahead with CA and cricket at same time. I had even paid for the CPT classes but later on I realised I only wanted to play cricket. It nearly became impossible for me to focus on both. Currently I am pursuing B.Com from Nagpur and playing cricket.

Q6. Which did you like the most – batting or bowling? Which did you start your career with from among these two?

Ans: I started my career as a medium pacer but some time after that I was suspected for my bowling action. This issue went on for 3-4 years after which it was cleared. During this period, I focused mainly on my batting. Currently I am a batting all rounder; on the bowling side a part time off breaker. I shifted to spin because after a long stretch of time leaving medium pace bowling it was very difficult to regain the momentum that was required for pace bowling.

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Q7. Whom do you idiolize from the mens and women’s cricket? Which qualities of theirs drew your attention the most?

Ans: I love watching Virat Kohli bat. The way he carries himself on and off the field, the titles he has brought, his achievements, his consistency, everything is simply commendable. Whenever he plays it feels like saying – ‘ that’s the player!’ I also like Dale Steyn’s bowling. His killer pace is just a mesmerising sight to see. From the women’s I have indeed seen Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami. They are legends!

Q8. Any instances where you got to play with the senior players and how  was your experience playing with them?  

Ans: Not only I have played with them but I also know some players personally. Among them, one is Shikha Pandey. She is very inspiring both as a player and as a person. Instance where I remember playing with players like her is the T20 challengers trophy where I played for India Red. It was surely a great experience getting to learn from the senior players many things. I  have observed and understood how to react in different situations, how to keep calm and what not from their experience which has always proved to be beneficial for me.

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Q9. According to you, how has been the journey of cricket in Vidarbha? How is the the environment for cricket there? Are the facilities provided for playing cricket professionally good enough?

Ans: It has been a good journey for Vidarbha. Earlier the situation was such that only 40-50 girls used to come for the trials. But after the world cup finals there has been a sudden change with respect to the participation and interests of children for cricket. Recently I saw around 150-200 girls who turned up for the finals and I was completely out of the blue! The facilities provided for playing cricket in Vidarbha are really good. Among the personalities who are the backbone or the foundation of cricket is Anju Jain ma’am. Vidarbha had won the Ranji Trophy the last year and is one of the tough teams both on the mens as well as the women’s side. There is a long way to go for this team! 

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Q10. Which has been your memorable innings in your cricketing career so far?

Ans: My most memorable innings is the one when I scored a 100 against South Zone in the U – 19  Zone (2 days) and it was then after which I started taking cricket more seriously.

Q11. Your journey has been fabulous so far and you are among the fastest emerging players. How and where do you see yourself in the near or far future?

Ans: I am eagerly waiting for the national call. I believe hard work pays off sooner or later. I just focus in being confident and in working harder. Definitely I wish very soon I will make the things happen for which I have been aspiring for so long. 

So, here we see the story of another player who has just made her name with her own hard work and talent. Nothing could stop her for being what she actually is made for. Who knew talent prevails in narrow streets of small towns. What prevails actually is nothing but the fact that where there is a will there is a way! Nothing is predictable and nothing lies in one’s hands simply without a reason. Every other step towards your goal is completely dependant on one’s own belief and honesty for the work.The chase shouldn’t be for the results but for the process!!

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