Launch one day tournament for women – Sachin Tendulkar bats for women’s cricket

We stay in a patriarchal society. Women are always considered to be inferior to men even though this trend has seen a major change off late. You must be thinking why I’m talking Sociology in an article relating to cricket, aren’t you? We’ll find out why!

Do we all know that women made their mark in the 22-yard circle earlier than men did? Yet, they were able to outstay the women where support and recognition is concerned. Even today men’s cricket has stadiums filled where women’s cricket is not even telecast most of the time. Where men’s cricket occupies the front page of the newspaper, women’s cricket often finds it difficult to even make it to a corner of the same.

Launch one day tournament for women - Sachin Tendulkar bats for women's cricket

Talking about the ladies in Blue, they’ve shown a graph that only knows how to go upwards. Probably downfall doesn’t even exist! Whether it’s the Asia Cup or the recently concluded tour against Sri Lanka, even the international leagues have the Indian superwomen as the highlight in the league.

Seeing the effort of the women who know that dreams are to be chased, it was none other than the Little Master of Indian cricket who came in support of the women. He spoke strongly about how he felt that MCA should host a tournament for women where they get a chance to showcase their talent and take a step forward towards reaching their goal. He recognised how there’s no tournament for women who also have a destination they aim to reach. He referred to the Times Shield and spoke about how the tournament always gave new talents who went onto make their mark.

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Sachin Tendulkar, spoke in favour of an ODI tournament to be organised for women by the MCA. He gave an example by saying how a similar tournament resulted in the discovery of a pacer who played an integral role in the men’s team – the rise of Zaheer Khan. Master Blaster made his point and told the world that there’s only talent in women which will be showcased if given an opportunity. The legend surely stroked beautifully off his front foot where raising this concern is considered.

It’s always the first step leading to the next that matters. And being the change that one is expecting to see is always appreciated! Like we often say – “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – if we come out in support of such an initiative together we’ll see how the ladies will come out stronger and better. How Women’s Cricket will see talents that probably one never knew existed. We’ll see how we together can make someone live their dream.

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