5 must have accessories if you want to improve your cricket at home

Are you bored sitting at home due to this forced vacation? Let’s try to make the most of this break by practicing and training at home. Since the coronavirus outbreak has forced players to stay indoors, there are certain things that they can still do sitting at home which will help them to improve their game. In order to train in-house, here are five accessories that the cricketers should have:

Hanging ball

Hanging Ball Drills
Hanging Ball Drills

When you are in-house, the hanging ball is one of the best techniques that help you to improve your batting. It serves multiple purposes as it helps you to focus on your batting stance, grip, technique, back lift, and shots. To do the hanging ball exercise, you can tie the ball at different heights to practice different shots and even give the ball a swing if you want to practice hitting a moving ball. Also, you can hit the ball as hard as you want since it’s tightly secured. You can make a hanging ball by yourself or you can buy one. Many of the professional players have used this technique in their early days.

Medicine ball

Medicine Ball.
Medicine Ball. Pic Credits: Twitter

A medicine ball also called an exercise ball, a med ball, or a fitness ball is a weighted ball that is approximately the diameter of the shoulders (roughly 13.7 inches). It is often used for rehabilitation and strength training. It also helps in neuromuscular coordination. In addition, these balls are also used in ballistic training to increase explosive power in athletes in all sports, e.g. throwing the medicine ball or jumping whilst holding it. Thus, the bowlers can make use of the medicine balls to hone their bowling skills. By doing drills with these balls, the shoulder strength is enhanced which effectively facilitates better bowling performance.

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Skipping rope

Skipping Rope
Skipping Rope. Pic Credits: Twitter


Skipping rope is used for skipping. There are many benefits of skipping, such as, improve co-ordination, reduce foot and ankle injuries, burn calories, improve bone density, improve cardiovascular health, improve breathing pattern, among many. Cricketers can practice skipping to gain the mentioned benefits.


Theraband. Pic credits: Twitter

TheraBand is one of the best equipment that any cricketer can use whether he/she is training outdoors or indoors. TheraBand exercises are versatile, easy to do anywhere, effective and most importantly, they are fun. Full-body exercises can be done with a single TheraBand, that’s the utility of it. Apart from exercising, it has been used in rehabilitation to a great extent.



Dumbbell cricket exercise
Dumbbell cricket exercise


Dumbbell is a type of free weight used in weight training. It can be used individually or in pairs, with one in each hand. There are three main types of dumbbells, namely, adjustable dumbbells, fixed-weight dumbbells, and “Selectorized” dumbbells. Dumbbell exercise can be used to strengthen muscles.

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