“I bought my first cricket bat from my first salary, the feeling was surreal,” recalls Kalpana Reddy

Cricketers, especially in the Indian subcontinent, are celebrated individuals. They are like superstars at every corner in a country like India where cricket is not merely a game but religion and practice in itself. The fans and naturally the media, everyone keeps track of them but it is rare that a player comes to people in a manner that is unknown to people.


7th Episode of Cricket With Queens ft. Kalpana Reddy
7th Episode of Cricket With Queens ft. Kalpana Reddy. Watch the full episode on YouTube Channel.


Spectators have mostly seen the on-field action and love the “cricketing” side of their players. They quite often forget the fact that players are humans like all of us and have a face that does not resemble their adventures on the ground. The 7th episode of Female Cricket’s exclusive show ‘Cricket With Queens’ had Kalapana Reddy talk about her journey with Female Cricket’s Vishal Yadav.

The chat interestingly was candid and got the fun side of Reddy out in the open. Breaking the barriers of language, Reddy was open about her life off-the-cricketing-field as well. There is a beautiful blend of her cricketing insights along with her journey as a player and the way she grew with her game. She, as a cricketer, opens up about her life on the ground.


Ravi Kalpana - Female Cricket
Ravi Kalpana – Female Cricket


She is unique in her journey and, as revealed by Vishal, has been associated with all trades of the game. She has been a pacer, a batter, and now has settled as a wicket-keeper in the national side. Reddy too, for the good of all her fans and listeners, has not shielded away from revealing her memories in the most illustrated manner. She mentioned her best friend and cricketing mate on the show and how she started her professional cricket journey at the domestic stage.

Her family, though less aware, never forced a full stop at her. She was often criticized for her choice of opting for cricket over everything and yet she persuaded her innocent guardians to her dream. Not only this, like every other girl in India, she was also thrown into the dilemma of marriage and career.

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Inspiring all her female fans, she chose cricket over the prospect of marriage and proudly recalls the first pay that she received from the game.

“I bought my first cricket bat and a pair of gloves from my hard-earned money, the feeling was surreal,” recalls Kalpana.

Though every story and every struggle differs from one another, Reddy’s road to the national side is a mixture of literary everything. From a pacer leaving bowling due to her height to a confident professional who would announce her day of arrival at the national stage five years before, Reddy grows with the game.

Fans can catch the seventh installment of ‘Cricket with Queens’ on YouTube. It is not just another interview with a cricketer rather it is a conversation with a person who plays cricket along with all other things.

Click here to watch the complete episode.

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