“Tournament like WPL will just propel the women’s cricket”, says Anjum Chopra

With the second season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) underway, former Indian cricket captain Anjum Chopra lends her insights into the unfolding drama of the tournament.

"Tournament like WPL will just propel the women's cricket", says Anjum Chopra
“Tournament like WPL will just propel the women’s cricket”, says Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra commends the evolution of the WPL, noting that the second season has marked improvements. She acknowledges the concerns surrounding the inaugural season but asserts that the standard of play has not become unsteady, instead, it has been refined, offering a more polished and entertaining spectacle for viewers.

As she states, “I think season two has shown that there is certainly improvement amongst the players. The standard as well hasn’t gone down at all. It’s just become shaped better So yeah, it’s been nice and entertaining.”

When questioned about standout players, Anjum emphasized the notable contributions of several Indian talents who played pivotal roles in the team’s success. From Richa Ghosh to Renuka Singh Thakur, and from Shweta Sehrawat to Yastika Bhatia and Deepti Sharma, she praises their remarkable performances and the impact they’ve had on their team’s triumph. Anjum’s recognition highlights the integral role played by each player in achieving collective success.

On the topic of national team prospects, Anjum emphasizes the unpredictability of player’s readiness for international competition. She acknowledges the strength of India’s domestic structure while acknowledging that it still has room for growth.

Anjum highlighted the significance of the Women’s Premier League in expanding the reach and popularity of women’s cricket in India. She acknowledged the increasing attendance at matches as evidenced by the growth but emphasized that sustained success on the international stage remains most important to further elevate the game’s build.

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While acknowledging that stadiums may not always be packed to capacity, Anjum remains optimistic, emphasizing the importance of incremental progress. She highlights the significance of increased attendance, even if not at full capacity, in making a vibrant cricketing culture.

She mentioned, “I guess that’s the biggest picture which we will see that the tournaments like WPL will just propel the women’s cricket in the world to a much better stage and a better and a bigger audience.”

In essence, Anjum Chopra’s observations provide a deep understanding of the WPL’s impact, showcasing the tournament’s role in bringing up talent, growing fan engagement, and elevating the status of women’s cricket in India. As the tournament progresses, her insights will undoubtedly continue to enrich the sport.

(Quotes sourced from The Quint)

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