25 Female Cricketers awarded Central Contracts by Afghanistan Cricket Board

We, at Female Cricket, have been raising our voice for the growth of the game on new streets. Fans and especially the cricketing fans have enjoyed and celebrated the game in new corners of the globe. This statement gains a greater meaning when we recall the rise of the Afghanistan cricketing side on the global map.


Afghanistan National Women's cricket team playing at Kabul International Stadium. PC: ACBOfficials / Twitter
Afghanistan National Women’s cricket team playing at Kabul International Stadium. PC: ACBOfficials / Twitter


Players like Rashid Khan have admirers throughout the globe. Our recent reports, however, suggest that Rashid is going to face some competition from his home. The women from Afghanistan are all set to take on. Recent media reports tell us that Afghanistani cricketing board shall begin offering central contracts to its women as well.

It is interesting to note that the Afghanistan Cricket Board had set up a camp consisting of 40 players. Out of the 40 female professionals, 25 have been shortlisted to be rewarded with the central contract. A statement from ACB said that “The training camp, which was conducted considering Islamic and traditional Afghan values, concluded today. During the camp, which commenced on October 17, the players were trained in batting, bowling, fielding, and to strengthen their physical fitness”.

A further glance at the statement revealed plans for an affirmative push to women’s cricket in the country. It further said that “As per ICC requirements, ACB wants to have a women cricket team, albeit adhering to the traditional Afghan and Islamic values. ACB also intends to hold a training camp in near future for the women’s team in one of the Islamic countries”.

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While the contract might bring a life-changing impact on 25 odd families, one shall understand the societal and the symbolic importance of a step like this. Announcement of contracts means shying away from religious orthodoxy and further acknowledging that not only men, women too, have a right to play but they need fans and other necessities to make it all count.

As women’s cricket reaches new audience, new nations are expected to add more competitiveness to the game and make the more enjoyable for all.

Shubham Kumar

A student who enjoys studying cricket more than anything else, keen to learn the insights of the women’s game.

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