“I was happy when I heard that I was going to the IPL,” says Salma Khatun

Cricket, as a sport, has grown with the assistance of its veteran servants. These figures are often stars for the fans and are found across both genders. Salma Khatun is one such figure from Bangladesh. She has played 108 international matches in her career for the Bangladeshi side so far and it is incredible to note that Bangladesh has played a total of 113 matches.


Salma Khatun. PC: ©Bangladesh Cricket Board
Salma Khatun. PC: ©Bangladesh Cricket Board


Out of these 113 encounters, 83 have been captained by Salma Khatun. Not only this, but she is also the only female cricketer from Bangladesh to make it to the top of T20i bowling and all-rounder rankings. It won’t be wrong to say that Khatun, now, is synonymous with Bangladesh women’s cricket.

She has established herself as one of the most recognized female faces in the country. One shall recall the moment in 2015 when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned Salma during his speech at Dhaka. He saw her billboard in the city. Salma along with Jahanara Alam will take part in the Women’s IPL this season.

The Bangladeshi veteran will play for Trailblazers in the 2020 edition of Women’s T20 Challenge. Like all the members of the cricketing fraternity, Salma too was affected by the global pandemic. Her last outing in international competitive cricket came in Australia. While talking to Mohammad Isam for ESPNcricinfo, she says that she is honored to have this recognition and further thanks, god.

She says “It feels great. Younger cricketers respect me. I am lucky to represent the country on such a big stage. I was happy when I heard that I was going to the IPL. I was practicing every day in any case, but when I heard I was going to the tournament, I started working harder”.

She will be playing her first tournament in UAE. She says that she will see the pitches and the boundaries to bring changes to her batting and her bowling. She further added that “Jahanara gave me some information and explained what it’s like to play in the tournament. It was very helpful to her. I am going there as an allrounder, so I have to do well in all three departments. I am bowling well and I have a lot of experience, which I will apply there”.

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Salma then briefly shares her journey. She, interestingly, comes from the South-West region of Bangladesh which is known widely for its sporting achievements. She says that her interaction has always been in Bengali.

The Women’s T20 Challenge will enjoy the presence of a star like Salma. She has been the ambassador of women’s cricket in Bangladesh and there can be no better time for her to win hearts globally now.

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