How Important could Women’s T20 Challenge be for women’s cricket now?

Women’s IPL has been one of the key areas of our cricketing coverage. There have been numerous reasons why the world fighting a pandemic could use an IPL dedicated to women cricketers. While we have been waiting for updates on Women’s T20 Challenge, the world is now catered around the ups and downs of the Indian Premier League.


Women's IPL Teams
Women’s IPL Teams. Pic Credits: IPL


Fans and experts around the globe are centered on the IPL and all their men’s superstars. The crude and most obvious nature of the game gets exposed daily. While we are celebrating Men’s IPL, there are no updates for women. We had earlier, too, celebrated the announcement of Women’s IPL.

This edition of the competition is vital and holds greater worth for women not only in India but in the world too. Women in many countries including India have not been part of any professional cricket for months. They and others played their last competitive fixture in the world which was held in the early months of this year.

Women’s T20 Challenge could have proved a great opening for women professionals. Training at home or playing a match at regional levels could never enable a player to gain the vital in-match experience. The momentum that women’s cricket got after the world cup final is at an urgent need of rebuilding.

The greater goal aspired by the cricketing fraternity stands at risk when women are not given the stage to express themselves. It is by playing games at a constant pace that gets players in women’s cricket a competitive edge over their male counterparts. Cricket will grow with the women and this fact needs to be conveyed to the world in an urgent manner.

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Media, too, on the other hand, has been overwhelmed by men’s cricket and all the extravaganza of the Indian Premier League. BCCI is believed to be finding dates for the league to take place. The same cricketing board has been responsible for creating arrangements for IPL to take place. Women’s cricket is considered by many at the higher ranks as a donation and not a mandatory outing.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the near future. Amidst pandemic, Women’s cricket will look to regain itself with T20 Challenge.

Shubham Kumar

A student who enjoys studying cricket more than anything else, keen to learn the insights of the women’s game.

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