Which companies have shown interest to buy teams in Women’s IPL?

Another welcome news that has excited fans and stakeholders alike is the interest expressed by companies to buy teams in the Women’s IPL. As reported by Vijay Tagore on Cricbuzz, it has been reported that over 30 companies have purchased the Invitation to Tender (ITT) document so as to present themselves as contenders to bid for the teams.

Women's T20 Challenge, 2019
Danielle Wyatt and Jemimah Rodrigues pose for a selfie. Women’s T20 Challenge, 2019 . PC: IPLt20.com

Although the companies who purchase the ITT do not have to bid but what is fascinating to see is the renewed interest in purchasing teams by these companies that is inspiring Corporates as well. Companies like Shriram Group, Nilgiri Group, and AW Katkuri Group among the few who are new to the whole set-up of cricket have expressed interest besides giants like Apollo and Haldiram have thrown their hats in the ring.

Cement companies leaving no stone behind too are understood to have expressed interest. Chettinad Cement and JK Cement are some of the few who would want to buy the team and even groups with cricket teams like Capri Global and Adani Group have purchased the ITT in a welcome move. It is reported that the auction will be held in Mumbai on January 25th and the owners of the Delhi Capitals, the JSW Group and the GMR group have purchased the ITT separately.

The BCCI has conveyed an estimate of the WIPL’s expenses and income. According to the profit and loss statement, the BCCI might earn up to Rs 125 crores from the sale of media rights in the first year. The source generates Rs 162.15 crores in succeeding years. The load on Viacom 18, which paid Rs 950 crores for the media rights for five years at Rs 7.09 Crores each game, will be lower in the first year. As a result, the central income share (on an 80:20 basis) for the team placing first in the league would be Rs 28.08 Crores, with the remaining teams receiving Rs 27.20 Crores, Rs 26.33 Crores, Rs 25.45 Crores, and Rs 24.57 crores in that order. This component includes Rs 77 crores in central sponsorship income, which the BCCI has yet to reveal. Over the following four years, the revenue share will rise.

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All in all, good signs for the Women’s IPL and as women’s cricket fans there is so much to look forward to!

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