How a Casual Fan Can Get Invested in Women’s Cricket?

Cricket is one of the most wonderful sports in the world. From the excitement to the skill level required to play it, there is truly a lot to love about the game of cricket. However, many people often overlook the sport when it is compared to the likes of football and basketball. The truth is, there are a lot of unique factors that cricket can offer its spectators.


Australian fans at the Stadium. PC: Getty Images
Australian fans at the Stadium. PC: Getty Images


One of the best things about cricket is how amazing and developed the women’s game is. There is certainly no skill gap between female cricket players and male ones. There is just as much entertainment in both games. However, if you aren’t exactly a fan of female cricket, it could seem difficult to get invested in the game. If you do want to further your interest, however, then there are ways you can do that. Here are some tips on how a casual fan can get more invested in the sport of women’s cricket.

Go to a Live Game

Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)
Indian Cricket fans enjoying World Cup 2022. (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)


There are few days better spent than one at a cricket match. After all, it is a whole day where you can just sit back and watch some live sporting action. Being at a live event can really help you to experience a sport in the right way. Of course, this is especially applicable when you are at a women’s cricket match. Although television coverage of the sport is great, you get to see the whole field and soak in the atmosphere when you are attending an event. Even if you aren’t fully familiar with the rules yourself, it is still worth attending the match. If you have a friend who has a pre-existing interest in the sport, then they will be able to guide you through the game. Even if you don’t, there are plenty of online guides that can describe the rules for you.

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Watch Live Streams

If you aren’t able to get to a live game, sitting down and watching a live stream of the match is the next best thing. This way, you still get to see all of the action and get more familiar with the sport. As a new fan of cricket, it could potentially be hard to keep an eye on an entire cricket match. After all, the play can usually last over seven hours. However, it is good to have it on in the background while you enjoy other things. For example, you could play some online games while keeping an eye on a cricket match. Sites such as offer some amazing games that provide great entertainment.

Play-Cricket Yourself

One way that you could learn to appreciate cricket even more, is to play the sport yourself. Although it could seem simple to a new watcher, it is an extremely difficult sport. If you get out of a bat, you could really learn to have a newfound respect for these women cricket players.

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