Top 5 – Most Dismissals by a Wicket-Keeper in Women’s ODI

Wicketkeeping is one of the most critical positions in a cricket match – a good keeper behind the stumps can not only stop extras but also affect key dismissals. Along with this, if a good wicket-keeper is a dependable batsman, it allows the side the advantage of an extra batsman in their ranks. The first names that come to our mind when we hear the word wicket-keeper are some of the stalwarts in the men’s game – the likes of Dhoni, Gilchrist, and Sangakkara, among others.

However, the evolution of women’s cricket in the past decade has given cricket fans access to world-class gloveman-ship. The likes of Sarah Taylor and Trisha Chetty are on the same level, if not better, as some of their top male counterparts. On that note, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Wicket-Keepers with most dismissals in women’s ODI:

#1. Trisha Chetty

Trisha Chetty
Trisha Chetty (AfricansLive)

Starting off our list is the current South African keeper – Trisha Chetty. In 109 innings, Trisha has the highest number of dismissals in the history of women’s cricket, with 157 scalps to her name. This includes 109 caught-behind and 48 stumpings, with an average of more than 1 dismissal every inning (1.44). The 32-year is an experienced campaigner with the willow as well, with more than 3600 runs in ODI and T20I’s combined. At 32, she certainly has a few more years to consolidate her position at the top even further.

#2. Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor from Women's Cricket World Cup 2017
Sarah Taylor in Women’s Cricket World Cup 2017. Pic Credits: Getty Images


Arguably, the best wicket-keeper in women’s cricket of the model age – Sarah Taylor, comes in at Number 2. Taylor shocked the cricketing world last year when she announced early retirement from the game. At that time, she was the keeper with the highest dismissals before the South African leapfrogged her. In 116 innings, Sarah affected 136 dismissals, including 85 catches and lightning-fast glove-work to claim 51 stumpings. She was one of England’s primary weapons with the bat and was a real MVP in England’s 2017 World Cup. She has notched more than 6500 runs in international cricket before her unfortunate retirement.

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#3. Rebecca Rolls

Rebecca Rolls. Pic Credits: Getty Images
Rebecca Rolls. Pic Credits: Getty Images

After some modern wicket-keeping greats in women’s cricket, we go a generation back for the next 2 on our list. Former Black Ferns’ keeper, Rebecca Rolls, comes in at Number 3 on our list. Making her debut in 1997, she retired the year Trisha Chetty took up professional cricket, 2007. The generation gap between the two certainly didn’t cause a gulf in class. In just 101 innings, Rolls had 133 dismissals to her name, with 89 catches and 44 through stumping. With an average of dismissals per innings in excess of 1.3, Rolls in one of the best wicket-keepers the women’s game has ever seen.

#4. Jane Smit

Jane Smit. Pic Credits: Getty Images
Jane Smit. Pic Credits: Getty Images

England were blessed by the wicket-keeping Gods, first with Jane Smit, who played till 2007, and then replaced by Sarah Taylor, who made her debut just a year earlier. At the time of her retirement, she was second only to Rolls, with 114 dismissals to her name. This includes 69 catches and 45 stumpings,

#5. Merissa Aguilleira

Merissa Aguilleria - Former West Indies Captain
Merissa Aguilleria – Former West Indies Captain

Capping off our list at Number 5 is the Caribbean gloves-woman – Merissa Aguilleira. After a decade of international cricket, Merissa retired in 2018, with 102 dismissals from 103 innings. The bulk of those dismissals were caught behind (76), with 26 stumpings to go along with it.

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