Saharanpur girl Varnika Chaudhary makes it to UP’s U-16 State Cricket team

Any game rides on its players and their fans. The faces that play the game and the people that love the game make the equation complete. The faces draw more young ones to take up the game. The stories of the faces rising out of nowhere and making a mark throws ample inspiration to all the aspirants.


Varnika Chaudhary. Pic Credits: Amar Ujala
Varnika Chaudhary. Pic Credits: Amar Ujala


However, such stories are not mere inspiration when the origin is Indian, and the game is women’s cricket. For a society that had held patriarchal norms close to its chest, any attempt from the ladies to snatch power to give birth to a fair and egalitarian culture meets severe adversity. Breaking all such boundaries, a similar story of hope and inspiration has made its way from Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh. Varnika Chaudhary has made her way to the under-16 stateside from a small village of the Saharanpur district.

The head of the district cricket association expresses their pride in her selection and states her consistency behind her entry to the state squad. She is from the Bira Khedi Village of Gangoh region. Her father Rajpal Singh is overwhelmed by the thought of her daughter making name for the country. Sushma Chaudhary expressed her joy in being the mother of such a young talent. She remembers Varnika’ s love for the game from younger days.

She was, then, enrolled in Vishwamitra academy where she enhanced her batting skills. Her sweat showed results in the trials where she caught the selectors with her form and strikes. Interestingly, much of the success for the district has seen new light in recent years and the credit can be given to Akram Saif. He directs the district board and is himself a former cricketer.

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She made her district’s name shine with her famous addition. Interestingly, she has attained fame and risen as an inspiration for all people of her age. For a country like India, figures like Varnika are more than small stories. She has risen out of nowhere and can be an icon for the cricket fans to look upon. Fans and lovers of the game can only hope that she stays dedicated to her path and rises to the national side.

The women’s manifest of the game needs a story like Dhoni where a name from no light takes the game to a new light. It is no exaggeration to believe that with the steps of players like Varnika, the steps of the game for women in India are connected. The more they rise, the new heights the game goes onto.

Shubham Kumar

A student who enjoys studying cricket more than anything else, keen to learn the insights of the women’s game.

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