Mithali Raj replies to a troll like a boss on Twitter

Sportspersons and celebrities are often subjected to criticism. And when it comes to social media, they have to face many opinions and negative feedback. Yet there are times when people just troll them not for their performance but rather for something personal.

Mithali Raj replies to a troll on Twitter
Mithali Raj replies to a troll on Twitter

It may range from their choice of clothes to the language they speak. A similar incident happened with cricketer Mithali Raj. Mithali, who has represented India in cricket for over 20 years now saw someone pointing out her language choices. The person went on to say that Mithali doesn’t know Tamil language. This time Mithali didn’t remain quiet.

Here’s the tweet:

Mithali gave a fitting reply to the person. She said that Tamil is her mother tongue and she speaks the language well. She also added that it’s the constant criticism that she gets on every post is what keeps her going. Here is her tweet :

She also embedded the link of a YouTube video in the reply. It was Taylor Swift’s music video of the song ‘You Need To Calm Down’. On and off the field, Mithali slays like a boss!

Seriously, people need to calm down. Without knowing somebody personally, it is not right to comment on their language choices. It just shows ignorance on the person’s part. Sportspersons and famous personalities have to face a lot of criticism and negativity. We should appreciate their efforts and respect their contributions rather than getting personal and comment irrelevant stuff. Let us respect them for the work they do and encourage more and more girls to take up this sport.

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