Story of Afia Amin, Pakistan’s female umpire inspiring millions

Story of a woman who made her mind to achieve what she wants, who stumbled upon a question that if women can play cricket then why can’t they be the umpire? Why are there only male umpires? And she just didn’t keep thinking about these things but made sure that she did something to change the situation and what better than becoming an umpire herself.

Afia Amin Pakistan Umpire
Afia Amin – Female Umpire from Pakistan

Passionate sports follower, Afia Amin belonged from a family where education wasn’t encouraged so her dream to follow sports or make a career in one was far-fetched and looked impossible but it was when she got married that her husband supported her dream and encouraged her to go ahead and achieve all she wants to.

Afia who now has 150 official matches under her belt, told PCB, “It is very difficult for a woman to get out of house in my family, even if it is for education. I took up umpiring after marriage. And it happened only because of my husband. He is my inspiration.”

Adnan, an umpire himself who has officiated 13 first-class matches since 2016, who was also the person with whom Afia discussed the deeds of umpiring said, “She was eager to learn more and more about umpiring so she used to talk to me regarding the laws of the game. We used to discuss the laws at home and how to adjudge difficult appeals, like LBW. I also guided her on how to handle players during matches in her early days. We used to talk about various aspects of umpiring.

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Afia was quoted saying that one of the major purpose of her doing what she is, is because she wants to inspire the people around, especially the girls.

“The barriers for women do exist,” she said. “The families do not allow girls and women to enter this field. But, one of my motivations to enter the profession of umpiring was to be a role model for the girls, my daughters, and women in my family.”

All this world need is beautiful stories like this and more than the stories people like Afia Amin who creates magic with their determination and dedication.

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