Always dreamt of winning Arjuna Award says Poonam Yadav

“This feeling is surreal. I am sure all the other Arjuna awardees have a similar proud feeling,” said Poonam Yadav when asked about her feelings knowing she has been selected for Arjuna Award 2019.

India spinner Poonam Yadav is all set to receive the Arjuna Awards on Thursday, 29 August. Poonam is India’s leading wicket taker in T20Is and is currently ranked third in the Women’s T20I Bowling Rankings.

Here’s what Poonam Yadav said in an interview with ANI.

I was first told about this news by Smriti Mandhana. Since she is currently playing Kia Super League in England, she informed me via message. At first, I couldn’t believe her and it took some time for this news to sink in.

I once had a dream that if I perform really well, I can win this honor – Arjuna Award. I have struggled a lot in life and in cricket. There were several ups and downs that I have seen in both the personal and professional front. But these struggles have time and again, made me strong and made me the person I am today.

I was out of words when Smriti brokes this news to me. I wanted to call and inform all my friends and give them this good news, but I was so so happy and just couldn’t think of anything in those moments. When I finally mustered the courage to call a few of them, I remember I was stuttering. And they could sense the nervousness and the joy in me.

I never felt anything like this, not even after receiving the national cap. But this was something special, something unordinary.

said Poonam Yadav, Arjuna awardee to ANI

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