‘Put me higher, I’ll get the job done,” said Deepti Sharma reveals Lisa Sthalekar

In the dynamic landscape of cricket, where players are constantly challenged to adapt and evolve, Deepti Sharma stands out as a beacon of versatility and resilience. From dominating the red-ball arena to conquering the T20 format, Deepti’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and skill.

‘Put me higher, I’ll get the job done," said Deepti Sharma reveals Lisa Sthalekar
‘Put me higher, I’ll get the job done,” said Deepti Sharma reveals Lisa Sthalekar

As Deepti stepped onto the field with her teammate Uma Chetry in the Inter-Zonal red-ball tournament final, the weight of captaincy rested firmly on her shoulders. With 153 runs left to chase against South Zone, Deepti’s composure and leadership were put to the test. Yet, amidst the pressure, she remained a source of calm for her team, guiding them towards glory.

Throughout the tournament, Deepti showcased her prowess both with bat and ball, amassing an impressive tally of 27 scalps and providing stability to an inexperienced batting order. Her performance not only highlighted her skill but also hinted at a deeper understanding of her role within the team.

Reflecting on Deepti’s journey, Lisa Sthalekar, her mentor at UP Warriorz, emphasized the importance of confidence and adaptability. In the early stages of her career, Deepti faced a dilemma regarding her playing style, particularly in the T20 format. However, through perseverance and guidance, she found her stride, transforming into a formidable all-rounder.

“I texted Deepti before her final to wish her luck saying, ‘I think she’s enjoying the format,’” Lisa Sthalekar, Deepti’s team mentor at WPL outfit UP Warriorz told Sportstar. “Deepti replied saying, ‘I think it’s my favorite format.’ Yeah, she is pretty good at it, to be honest.”

One of the most striking aspects of Deepti’s evolution has been her ability to adapt to different formats seamlessly. While she excels as an opener domestically, she has been entrusted with a lower-order role in the Indian setup. This contrast in roles may have initially posed a challenge, but Deepti’s resilience and self-belief have enabled her to thrive regardless of the situation.

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In the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024, Deepti showcased her versatility, not only with the bat but also in her approach to the game. Her improved scoring rate and ability to play unconventional shots reflected a newfound confidence and maturity in her game. Moreover, her success in the tournament reaffirmed her status as a dominant force in women’s cricket.

Deepti Sharma was a standout performer in WPL 2024, showcasing her versatility with bat and ball. With 295 runs at an average of 98.33 and a highest score of 88* against GG, she dominated with the bat. Her bowling was equally impressive, taking 10 wickets in 8 matches with an economy rate of 7.23, including a best of 4/19 against DC. Deepti’s stellar performance reaffirmed her status as a formidable all-rounder.

Lisa hailed Deepti’s self-belief and courage in stating, “One thing she (Deepti Sharma) said after the first couple of (WPL) games was, ‘Put me higher, I’ll get the job done.’ And, when things were not working for us, we pushed her up, and she did well. That takes a lot of courage and self-belief to be able to deliver, and she did it… Within our team, we had a player of the tournament pick, and she won it hands down.”

Looking ahead, Deepti’s journey serves as a reminder of the importance of self-belief and adaptability in the face of adversity. As she continues to excel across formats, she remains a source of inspiration for aspiring cricketers around the world.

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