Legal Woes for Ex-Indian Women’s Coach Tushar Arothe: Rs 1 Crore Cash Haul Raises Questions

Former Indian women’s coach, Tushar Arothe, finds himself embroiled in controversy as Vadodara Police booked him following the seizure of Rs 1 crore in cash from his residence in the Pratapgunj area of the city. The Special Operations Group (SOG) of the police, in a press release on March 3, revealed that Arothe failed to provide a satisfactory explanation when questioned about the substantial amount of cash discovered during a raid at his residence.

Legal Woes for Ex-Indian Women's Coach Tushar Arothe: Rs 1 Crore Cash Haul Raises Questions
Legal Woes for Ex-Indian Women’s Coach Tushar Arothe: Rs 1 Crore Cash Haul Raises Questions

The SOG acted on a tip-off suggesting that bags of cash had arrived at the apartment of Arothe’s son, Rishi, who has a previous record of involvement in cricket betting and cheating cases. During the raid, the authorities discovered “grey bags” containing a total sum of Rs 1.01 crore. Two accomplices, Vikrant Raipatvar and Amit Janit, were also found in possession of cash amounting to Rs 38 lakh. Arothe, Raipatvar, and Janit are now facing proceedings under CrPC Section 102, which empowers law enforcement with a right to seize property.

This is not the first time that Tushar Arothe has found himself in legal trouble. In April 2019, the Vadodara Crime Branch arrested Arothe and 18 others from a local cafe in the city for alleged betting during an IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab. However, all the accused, including Arothe, were granted bail by the court.

Tushar Arothe, a former first-class cricketer for Baroda, enjoyed a stint as the head coach of the Indian women’s cricket team, leading them to the World Cup final in 2017. His success earned him a two-year extension, but his tenure came to an abrupt end in July 2018 when he resigned following the team’s defeat to Bangladesh in the Asia Cup final. Reports of discord within the team surfaced, contributing to his premature departure. Arothe had previously served as part of the team’s support staff from 2008 to 2012.

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The latest incident raises questions about the source and purpose of the significant amount of cash found at Arothe’s residence. The police are keen to investigate any potential links to illegal activities, especially given the history of Arothe’s son in cricket-related controversies.

It is essential to note that allegations and legal proceedings do not necessarily imply guilt, and individuals are considered innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law. The unfolding investigation will shed light on the circumstances surrounding the seized cash and the involvement of Tushar Arothe and his associates in this latest legal predicament.

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