The Women’s Ashes 2023 Preview: Markets, Odds & Favorites on Non-UK Sites

As one of the national sports in England, cricket has always had a massive following in the country. Research shows around 13 million Brits consider themselves fans of the sports, and over 1.5 million regularly attend live events. One of the most popular competitions is the Women’s Ashes, a biennial international cricket contest.

Australia Women's Ashes test. PC: Getty Images
Australia Women’s Ashes test. PC: Getty Images

Taking place since the 1930s, Women’s Ashes is among the longest-standing and most significant rivalries in women’s cricket. If you’ve already decided to stake money on it,
betting sites not on Gamstop are an excellent option. They operate outside the UK and Gamstop jurisdiction, offering betting options and odds no British sportsbook can match.

However, if you’re still in two minds about punting on this competition, the following article should provide some guidance. It delves into the history of this contest and explores diverse betting markets, current favourites, and the best platforms for Women’s Ashes betting.

Unveiling the History: All Eyes on The Women’s Ashes 2023

The Ashes is a cricket series played between England and Australia. Its name comes from a newspaper article reporting the first time the English cricketers lost to the Aussies, joking they had been cremated and their “ashes” would be taken to the Land Down Under. 

The first Women’s Ashes cricket game occurred in 1934 as a one-off test match between these countries. Fifty-four years later, the UK made it a tradition, becoming the second country after New Zealand to align its male and female cricket teams. The contest has taken place every few years since then.

After tournaments like the recently finished IPL, The Women’s Ashes is among the most prestigious competitions. It has led to the development of multi-format women’s tournaments and given prominence to successful cricketers like Belinda Clark, Charlotte Edwards, and Karen Rolton.

The competition witnessed Betty Wilson’s historic achievement as the first cricketer to score a century and take ten wickets in a Test match. Many also remember Edwards and Clark reaching the century milestone and history’s fifth-highest second-wicket stand.

Judging by Sky Sports’ experts’ predictions for the Ashes 2023, we can expect similarly impressive feats this season.

The Women’s Ashes 2023 Favorites and Contenders

The Women’s Ashes has seen many twists and turns throughout its history. It witnessed England win four and Australia seven series in its test-only format. There’s been little change in this ratio since the multi-format was introduced. England took the 2013 and 2014 seasons, but Australia has claimed the title three times since.

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Considering their players’ top form and shining performance in T20 this year, the Aussies will also be a tough nut to crack in The Ashes 2023. Still, other factors might work in favour of the English. For instance, AUS’s long-standing captain Meg Lanning’s absence from the tour will weaken the team. The overcast and cold weather forecast for June won’t help, either. Only time will tell whether and how England, as the underdog, will take advantage of these circumstances.

Betting Markets for The Women’s Ashes 2023

Choosing the right betting market is the foundation of placing a winning wager in any sport and competition, and The Women’s Ashes 2023 isn’t an exception. For best results, check out non-UK betting sites, as these platforms cover this year’s event in its entirety and offer numerous markets, including unique and popular options like:

  • Match winner — This is the most common bet type in most sports because it’s one of the easiest to win. It’s based on your prediction of which team will triumph in the match.
  • Series winner — Also known as outright winner, this market lets punters guess what team will take home the entire Women’s Ashes series. Odds shift throughout the tournament, so you can win big if you put your money down early.
  • Top wicket-taker — Here, you must predict which bowlers will take the most wickets. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can place it on a single match or the entire series.
  • Top-scorer — As the name suggests, a top-scorer is a bet on the best-performing cricketer in a match or the entire tournament. Learning about the players’ form and history can give you a significant advantage in predicting top scorers.
  • Draw no bet — This market might be suitable for you if you think there is a chance a match will end in a draw. It typically has lower odds, making it a good choice for conservative punters.

What Odds Will You Find?

Each betting market comes with specific odds — another element to consider when you place a wager on Women’s Ashes. Cricket odds reveal two things:

  • The likelihood of an outcome
  • The amount the sportsbook will pay out if you win the bet
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Typically, high odds indicate riskier markets and offer more significant payouts. You must study the criteria that can affect each cricket match’s outcome and decide the most profitable bet you can make.

However, that shouldn’t be the end of your research. Odds are based on bookies’ default margin (the profit the house earns per bet) and their assessment of the event’s outcome, so they vary among sites. Therefore, punting on the first UK sportsbook isn’t wise.

Research and odds comparison shows that non-UK betting sites have much better online cricket odds. Choose them, and you can boost your winnings by up to 12%. Currently, Australia’s victory scale at 1.91, while England’s is at 2.60.

Top-Rated Non-Gamstop Betting Sites to Play It Safe

If the above arguments have convinced you to wager on non-Gamstop betting sites, you might wonder which ones are the best. With this year’s record ticket sales, as reported by the BBC, plenty of foreign-based sportsbooks will cover The Women’s Ashes 2023.

To save you the trouble of deciding, the following list comprises three of the best non-UK sportsbooks online and information about their features. Check them out and pick your favourite:

  • Mystake — This sportsbook’s neat layout promises smooth navigation, and its sports coverage provides hours of entertainment, making it one of the most popular options in the UK. Cricket fans who join it are eligible for a £500 welcome bonus, a 35% reload promotion, a 3+1 free bet offer, and more.
  • Freshbet — This bookie is a fantastic place to start if you’re new to online cricket betting. Its filtering system will help you find live and upcoming matches and start punting hassle-free. You’ll also be able to trigger a 100% up to £500 match deposit sign-up deal and a 10% loyalty bonus.
  • Rolleto — Established in 2020, Rolleto quickly became many cricket punters’ top sportsbook. It offers dozens of betting markets and 97%+ betting odds. Its users can claim a 150% up to £1,500 welcome bonus, 10% cashback, and free bets.

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