Top 5 Tips for Cricket Betting: Everything you need to know to make an informed Betting Decision

Cricket betting, just like any other sports betting, has some distinctive characteristics and specific aspects that punters need to take into account if they want to make sure that they optimize their chances of winning. Cricket is a considerably simple sport, and you would expect that it is easy to predict, yet the reality has nothing to do with that.


Cricket betting presents many challenges for bettors and this does not only concern big tournaments and high-profile leagues, where there are several good teams competing for the championship or for the title. It concerns every single competition that takes place in every part of the world and which bettors can find at the best betting site in Bangladesh. So, whether in a regional league or an international tournament, cricket is highly unpredictable and incredibly fluid. 

That said, an unpredictable and fluid game means one thing for punters: greater opportunities to win (and of course greater risks coming along!). Cricket betting requires a lot of reading into the overall sport, the game itself, and the surrounding factors of each and every game separately. So, if you want to improve your chances of winning, you should make sure that your betting decisions are informed and thoroughly backed. 

Here are the top five tips for cricket betting. The tips that will boost your potential for placing a winning bet. 

  1. Don’t underestimate underdogs in cricket

Upsets are occurring on a very frequent basis in cricket. In fact, international tournaments such as the ICC Men’s World Cup are full of underdog stories turning games around and becoming the winners. 

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When you are making up your mind regarding a bet on a cricket game, thus, always look out for the underdog waiting around the corner to make a stunning appearance and leave everybody speechless!

  1. Always check the weather

Nobody can deny that the weather can play a decisive role in a cricket game. When we are talking about batting and bowling we can’t see how the weather can be irrelevant. But it is not only the wind as one might think… The weather conditions including humidity, clouds, sun, heat, etc impact the pitch and the pitch is on its own a determinant factor in any given game. 

Dry pitches from a burning sun, for example, will be much easier for batting and bowling and they will favor the fast bowlers compared to wet pitches.

  1. Consider the location of the game

It is important to consider where the game is held because each location generally tends to have different types of pitches. For example, pitches in New Zealand, England, Australia, and South Africa are bouncier and harder than pitches in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

In these countries, the pitches are softer. So, games played in different locations will have different levels of pitch’s impact and so they will be to a certain point influenced by the pitch itself. 

  1. Look into the teams’ recent stats

Never underestimate the power of statistics. Statistics are there to help you make more informed decisions, although no one can guarantee that they will drive your winnings. But all else being equal, statistics have a lot to say about a team’s dynamics, overall performance, dedication, and capabilities.

  1. Avoid betting with your heart

Well, this is kind of a generic tip, but it seems to be so relevant in cricket. Cricket fans are die-hard fans and die-hard fans who want to engage more with an anticipated game, will most likely choose to back their favorite team. However, this is not how betting works and you should always be aware of that! It is better to prevent yourself from risks by avoiding placing a bet when your heart tells you to do so. Always make informed decisions!

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