European Cricket Network has announced a brand-new Women’s T10 League

In the sea of new leagues, all set to capture our imagination, the introduction of a brand new T10 league has brought in a lot of excitement among fans and stakeholders alike. The European Cricket Network is now all set to stage the first-ever women’s T10 events, and they plan to get it underway this year and have more editions coming ahead. It is understood that this league will pave the way for the unbridled and untapped potential of women cricketers and give them a platform to exhibit their skills. As a fan, they are always on the lookout for female cricket live scores.

The European Cricket Network has announced a brand-new Women’s T10 League. PC: ecn cricket / website
The European Cricket Network has announced a brand-new Women’s T10 League. PC: ecn cricket / website

This tournament will certainly shape the narrative and aid the growth of women’s cricket, and the event will happen in Gibraltar. It will feature over four international teams from the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and the hosts, Gibraltar. The tournament will comprise over 12 matches and will be played from 20th February to 25th February at the picturesque Europa Sports Complex.

Talking more about the league, Daniel Weston, the founder of the European Cricket Network, said, “The thrill of history being made is palpable as we gear up for the first-ever televised women’s cricket event in Europe under lights. This is a momentous occasion for the sport and a testament to the incredible talent and passion of the women who will be taking the field. I can’t wait to see the magic unfold!”

It is already being seen as a massive game-changer and stepping stone for better things to come for women’s cricket in Europe and will serve as a testament to the women’s cricketers who have been putting in the hard yards. It also is massive as it will be the first-ever televised women’s cricket tournament and will be played under lights. Interestingly, the tournament will also be shown live to fans all around the world. With a global audience all set to see this, the tournament is already being earmarked as legendary and something to look forward to.

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