Auction to take place in inaugural Women’s IPL 2023, Base Price Announced

In yet another interesting development in women’s cricket, it has been learned that there will be an auction to decide the players in the inaugural edition of Women’s IPL.

The base price for the auction ahead for Women’s IPL has been set into five categories from Rs. 10 Lakhs and Rs. 50 Lakhs and the deadline stipulated is 26th January. The ‘guidance notes’ issued suggest that the auction registration system curated by the Board of Control for Cricket in India with the state associations has been drawn up and has a reserve price a female cricketer can choose from, reports suggest to Sportstar.

Women's T20 Challenge Trophy in 2020
Women’s T20 Challenge Trophy. Pic Credits: BCCI

The classification is as follows for ‘Capped players’, as in those players who have played for India or have a central contract, they can either choose to have their base price between Rs. 30 Lakh, Rs. 40 Lakh or Rs. 50 Lakh and for the ‘Uncapped Players’, as in the players who have not yet played for India but are domestic players, the options to avail range from Rs. 10 Lakh and Rs. 20 Lakh.

Capped Players

Uncapped Players

Rs. 30 Lakh

Rs. 10 Lakh

Rs. 40 Lakh

Rs. 20 Lakh

Rs. 50 Lakh

It is to be noted that the communication to the state association is particularly just for the Indian players and their participation and a BCCI official confirmed that the same five categories will be applicable to overseas players. The registration for the auction would require the cricketer to declare their assets as personal sponsors and has strictly prohibited the involvement of the player’s agent during the auction process. The directive said to Sportstar, “BCCI will only deal directly with the State Associations and at no time will have any communication with player agents or managers. Any failure by a player to abide by this condition will (unless BCCI in its sole discretion decides otherwise) result in the player’s name being withdrawn with immediate effect from the Auction Register and/or Auction List (as appropriate)”.

It has also been reported that the WIPL auction could happen sometime in the month of February (perhaps on 11th February) and that the inaugural IPL will get started in March (from 6th March to 26th March) and span till the month’s end with matches happening in Maharashtra.

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