How to Bet on Cricket at Australian Online Casinos

Cricket is a team sport that has numerous fans around the world. Cricket is watched in India, Australia, the USA, and other countries of the world. Few people know, but cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, right after football. Cricket matches take place throughout the year. In this regard, betters have the opportunity to bet without restrictions.



Below, we will talk about what types of cricket bets exist. We give you tips on increasing your chances of winning.

Cricket Rules

At the fastest withdrawal online casino Australia, the player should learn the basic rules of cricket. Here, as in baseball, the players of one team try to hit the pitcher’s ball.  Despite the general similarity of cricket and baseball, all standard features end on the basic principle of the game.

Two teams play cricket. Each includes 11 players. The game is played on a round field. Field sizes may vary. In this case, the central circle must have a diameter of 20 meters. It is in it that all the main events of the game take place.

Each team plays the role of batter or server. The defending side has one server and ten field players on the field. The attacking team has two kickers and 9 field players on the field. The batters are located on different sides of the playing area.

The attacking player must score the maximum number of “runs” in one “over”. One “over” counts in cricket as six consecutive innings. The run time may end before the sixth innings if the defensive team puts out the offensive player. In cricket, there are also rules for deflecting a throw. It is essential that the ball travels to the edge of the playing field or so far that the batter has time to run across to the other side of the playing area.

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Cricket Betting

There are several markets where you can bet on cricket matches, series, and tournaments. Most bookmakers in Australia allow bettors to bet right before the start of the series. It is also possible to place direct bets on the series itself. To get acquainted with the available markets, the bettor must select a suitable bookmaker and go to the “Cricket” section.

There are various types of cricket bets. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. Outright Winner Bets. In almost all bookmakers, a player can bet on the absolute winner. This is possible in Test, ODI, or T20 events. You can place a bet throughout the series until the result is clear.
  2. Match betting. Bookmakers allow you to bet on the winner of a match before it starts. In some games of the Test format, it is possible to make a bet even during the game. The odds of a win, loss, or draw constantly fluctuate during the game.
  3. Tournament Winner. Tournament winner betting is available from most bookmakers in Australia. Among the most popular events in this category are the Big Bash League and IPL. The essence of the bet is to predict who will become the champion according to the event’s results.
  4. Correct Series Score Betting. The player can predict what will happen before the games start. Bets are placed on all three matches included in a particular series.
  5. Top Batsmen/Bowlers. Bookmakers can also bet on the best batsman or bowler. Bets can be made within a specific time. For test matches, wagers are placed during the first innings. For ODI or T20 matches, bets are available all the time.

Cricket Betting Tips

The best forecasters don’t just have a good nose for winning bets. They look at everything and come up with a unique plan. There are several approaches to match analysis. The specific method will depend on the match type and the game format. Below are the main factors that you should pay attention to when betting on cricket:

  1. Results of the draw. A coin toss determines the team that will make the first attack in cricket. Despite the simplicity of the process, it has a significant impact on the results of the match. According to statistics, the first team to carry out the attack, according to the meeting results, wins.
  2. Weather conditions. The weather has a significant impact on cricket matches. If it is raining outside, the game is canceled. Before placing a chance, the bettor should check the weather forecast for the meeting period. Keep in mind that the time during which it rains is subtracted. Consider whether it makes sense to bet on a meeting if most of the playing time will be lost. Moreover, keep in mind that cricket is only played in daylight.
  3. Field factor. Different stadiums use different surfaces. It can be a simple earthen surface or a lawn with varying lengths of grass. The coating affects how much the ball accelerates after hitting the ground.
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There are several features of cricket betting. This is one of the most widespread sports disciplines, which is why most bookmakers offer customers access to many markets. It is enough for a better to consider numerous factors to increase his chances of winning. At the same time, it is also important to remember that even if all aspects are considered, it is impossible to guarantee that the chance made will win by 100%.

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