Mostbet Sports Betting and Welcome Bonus

Mostbet is an originally Maltese company founded in 2009 as a betting broker. Nowadays, it attracts thousands upon thousands of regular users and offers sports bets, as well as some gambling features. There are several dozen possible games to bet on, with all major and many minor leagues represented.


The company can boast an outstanding variety when it comes to customer interaction. The interface is available in over 30 languages from many parts of the world, and the odd formats include the three big types, in addition to several regional varieties, including Indonesian, Hong Kong and Malaysian.

Bookmaker Bets on Mostbet

The sportsbook is obviously the most prominent feature on this website, and most clients come to bet on some sport or other. It’s divided into two main categories: ‘sports’ and ‘live’ – for upcoming and ongoing matches respectively. You can switch between them, but the initial interface offers all options simultaneously.

The sportsbook is by default set to feature all matches from all categories, including the many different sports, live matches and usual matches.  The front page is always set to show several matches that are either already in-play or major matches that will commence soon. You can distinguish them by the colored flairs on the sides.

You can make a bet right here if you see a match that interests you, but there are obviously huge sorting capabilities. They are represented by several main settings and categories arranged into various clickable catalogs:

  • Live/sports buttons that let you switch between the two or select all by unclicking the selected category. That’s also where you can search by keywords. Located at the top.
  • Collection of most relevant sports that include the ‘all’ button, as well as sports, whose matches are going to be featured soon. Located above the matches catalog.
  • Collection of all sports on the platform. There is the ‘main’ button that sends you back to the front page, setting the catalog to the default state. There’s also an ‘upcoming’ filter that lets you limit the selection of games by matches that’ll happen in only 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 hours from now.

The selection of sports is curious. It differs from live to regular betting, but not by much. In fact, the selection can be pretty fluid depending on what games are currently popular in each category. Regardless, the overall selection of games can be separated into several subdivisions. Some of them could be very interesting.

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Football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, table tennis, ‘martial arts’, boxing, chess, water polo, etc.


Lacrosse, American football, rugby, squash, kabaddi, Formula 1, floorball, chariot racing, greyhound racing, etc.


Dota 2, CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc.

There is a visible diversity in the ways you wager your money. You can go for the tried and tested by simply betting on football or tennis. But you can also try something new or, if you’re particularly interested in e-sports, there are plenty of games that feature the major matches with clear understanding of what they mean.

The interface design is also an appealing factor. You can very quickly switch between the different categories, find individual matches that interest you via more than one ways, and it’s also not ugly.

To make a bet, you can just click on one of the buttons on the match strips that are shown in these catalogs, but it’s always better to click on the match to see more information and access other betting options, besides just the ‘overall winner’. The ‘rounds score’, the ‘correct score’ and many others are also available.

Live Sport Bets

Live sport bets, as mentioned, is one of the two main betting categories on Mostbet You can access the related games catalog by either clicking ‘live’ in one of the menus on the front page on doing the same thing in the header – the button you need is a big one second from the left.

Once you go there, the catalog of games for the section (above the catalog itself) will be rearranged to only fit games that have live matches any time soon. The catalog obviously only shows games that are either going to start in a short notice or are in process already.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The major upcoming matches are featured at the very top of the roster, with golden framing around them. The minor matches are typically included into the catalog when they already start.
  2. The matches that are already in process are shown below. They don’t have frames, but there are lime ‘live’ flairs on their sides.
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The matches are typically grouped into leagues. You can collapse or extend the window of the league by clicking the ledger icon on its right tip. The match strips include several important details: the current time & minute, the teams, the score, coefficients and handicaps – from left to right.

You can make a bet right there, but it’s better to proceed to the page on an individual match to see more. The odds on live betting are steeper, and they also change over the course of the match. They are typically updated between the times or some other pause, so you better keep an eye out for a good opportunity.

Mostbet Bonus

The Mostbet welcome bonus is a monetary bonus that offers to increase your first deposit by 125% if you select it during your registration process. You can either pick a 125% bonus (up to 300 EUR or equivalent) for sport bets or select a casino bonus with the same boost + 250 free spins.

Registration at Mostbet

You can register here via several methods:

  1. A ‘one-click’ method, which lets you pick a country and a currency, with other details hammered out later;
  2. A mobile phone method, which asks for your phone number and a preferred currency;
  3. An email way, which asks you to submit an email and create a password;
  4. Social media, clients can use your social media accounts to register for Mostbet.

Payment System in Mostbet

There are six main ways you can finance your account. They include transfers with MasterCard, Maestro & Visa, payments with EcoPayz and WebMoney, as well as crypto payments from your preferred crypto wallet. The commissions for deposits are minimal, while withdrawals can be slightly more costly.

Support Service

Mostbet has a well-developed support service with over 30 languages and hundreds of agents. They are typically polite, knowledgeable and patient. You can expect to spend as much time with them as necessary. You can contact them via their email or Telegram messenger.

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