Why has there been a sharp rise in women cricket bettors?

Without a question, women’s cricket is becoming more and more well-liked on a global scale. In terms of spectatorship, it still has a ways to go before catching up to male cricket, but it is already having an impact on girls and young women and making itself known. Impressive viewership numbers were recorded for the most recent Women’s T20 World Cup. There were 5.4 billion views of the entire event in India alone. The women who were on the Indian squad that finished second in the competition would benefit much from this exposure.

ICC Women's T20 World Cup Final 2020
ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final 2020


In a similar vein, a sizable portion of cricket wagers are also placed by women. Sports betting is frequently perceived as a male-dominated industry. But now, things have changed. Women can now gamble online easily thanks to reputable online bookmakers. Sports betting has opened up in recent times, now high profile female bettors and operators have made betting as easy as possible, with lots of females also advertising betting. The gambling industry is becoming more appealing to women thanks to this kind of encouraging environment. This is a good indicator of the rise in female betting interest even though it does not solely apply to sports betting.

Female sports betting has continued to grow

The claim that women bettors are becoming more enthusiastic is also supported by research in the US. In this country, women make up about 4 out of 10 sports bettors. Due to the female appeal, themes that are more broadly appealing have begun to replace content that was exclusively geared toward men in sports gambling advertising.

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The advent of the Women’s Big Bash League which is the domestic league of the Australian women’s Twenty20 cricket tournament has brought about an increased surge in female cricket betting. As concluded by various statistics, betting on women’s cricket has grown by an astounding 800% annually. An incredibly huge increase!

Operators like Ceasars sportsbook, who are classed as having one of the best sportsbook apps for beginners, aid these women as they are guided in carrying out their betting activities. All the statistics prove that there is an upsurge in female cricket betting, but why are more women betting on the sport?

As the sport continues to gain more exposure, you have more women and girls who love sports and admire the game, becoming fans and supporters of the various teams. 

Cricket is becoming more popular amongst female viewers

More women are falling in love with cricket and are choosing to play the game, and aiming to play professionally. As the various teams become good and win matches and titles, their supporters increase, along with the confidence of those supporters. Fans are now confident in their teams, and are sure to win as they place their wagers on those teams.


"If we can do well in the final, a lot of things can change for us," says Harmanpreet Kaur. PC: Getty Images
“If we can do well in the final, a lot of things can change for us,” says Harmanpreet Kaur. PC: Getty Images


With the increasing popularity of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, the sport’s oldest world championship, betting is also becoming rampant. As Australia lifted their 7th ICC Women’s Cricket world cup title, 82.8 million people watched the tournament live across TV and digital platforms during the 2022 competition, which attracted a total of 104.8 million global committed TV viewers. When compared to Australia 2020, New Zealand 2022’s total viewing hours increased by 47.7%. This viewership includes a lot of women who cheered their favorite teams on, and also bet on them, benefiting from their victories.

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In terms of acceptability, celebration, and fans, cricket comes in second place to football in terms of importance in terms of international sports. In the 1600s, as cricket gained popularity, especially in the UK, gambling on sports began. People initially noticed a wide range of opportunities and started betting on the majority of wickets, boundaries, and match win-loss variables. Bookmakers and pubs accepted wagers in the traditional manner on the streets of England.

Final Thoughts

Cricket betting has become the second most popular sport to bet on online as a result of the Internet and significant technological improvements in the last few decades, which have changed the landscape of gambling on all other sports, including cricket.

As gambling is being legalized and recognized in various countries, betting on cricket keeps increasing due to its popularity. Betting opportunities for women are now growing thanks to legitimate and legally regulated gambling sites.

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