How can you earn upto 1 Crore during Caribbean Premier League 2022?

Rario, the world’s largest cricket NFT platform recently on the 28th of August launched its cricket strategy game that’s got a very different and fresh vibe of cricket for the ones sitting on the outside during live games. On the 28th of August, the game was launched exclusively on D3.Club

How can you earn upto 1 Crore during Caribbean Premier League 2022?
How can you earn upto 1 Crore during Caribbean Premier League 2022?


If you’re registered, you’ve simply got to sign in at and if you aren’t a member, you’ve missed a fair bit but it’s never too late, registered now either via a google account or phone number.

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Click on the image
Click on the image


To get started with the fantasy experience, you’ve first got to own a few set of cricket carnival advantage pack which features Gold, Bronze and Silver cards. The cricket carnival debut pack featuring 6 Bronze cards are available at $9 (INR 710 approx).

Once you’ve got a few cards in your cart, you can contests for free, daily. You only are required to pay an amount upfront for the purchase of Rario’s player cards once to add a particular player to your vault provided you own the required tier of player cards. You then can take part in as many contests as you want for free and you stand a chance to win prizes up to $125K (₹ 1Crore) at Caribbean Premier League 2022.

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To join a contest during the ongoing Caribbean Premier League,

STEP – 1 : All you’ve got to do is simply from a list of matches, choose 1.


STEP – 2 : Suppose you’ve got a set of 2 Gold cards and a Bronze, you can enter a given contest. Each contest has its own equation, you just have got to join the one, your card matches with.


STEP -3 : You’ve got to prepare a team of 3, so select a player each from the following categories; batter, bowler and any player and just select any 1 as the captain.


REMEMBER : Same player card cannot be used in multiple contests at the same time.

It’s that simple. And we aren’t yet done, excited for the bumper rewards, you surely are. You’ve had a good outing and scored points, you then are rewarded with real cash and more player cards. How exciting!

Sorry to hear, you’ve had a bad outing. But need not worry, this is Rario and here you can reuse the same card n number of times. Now, that’s a win-win.

What’s the wait? Join in. Click on the image to join.

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