Will Cricket Reach the United States With the Exploding Sports Gambling Boom?

Everyone knows that cricket is a massive sport for fans all over the world. Yet in the United States, cricket is still a very small sport when compared to other favorite national sports such as American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, NASCAR Racing and MMA/UFC fights.

USA Sports
USA Sports


This got me wondering. Since cricket is so insanely popular in many countries around the globe such as India, Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand for example, could cricket become a major sporting event in the US? Unfortunately, however, there’s no way to answer this question with precise certainty, however.

Will Cricket Finally Take Off in the USA?

So, what is the likelihood of cricket growing as a main sporting event to watch in America now that the country’s experiencing rapid growth in the number of USA licensed sportsbooks available to US sports bettors. Sports in general are seeing a boost in ratings in recent years as a byproduct of legal online sports betting sites in 30 states in the USA plus the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).

Therefore, is not unreasonable to question the thought that cricket could take off as a new sports game to watch as bettors start placing wagers on international cricket matches. Who knows, maybe the United States might even launch its own professional cricket league.

The Odds Don’t Look So Good in the Near Term

The odds of a professional US cricket league aren’t that great in the short term but are likely to increase in the coming years. However, Cricket has decent odds on becoming the next soccer in American sports. For example, professional soccer in the United States has been gaining in traction over the last decade. Its likely that cricket could follow suit in time.

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While American soccer is not as popular as the game of football is widely watched by millions of people in many different countries around the world, it is getting more fans into the seats of Major League Soccer games in the United States.

If the sport of cricket follows the same path as the sport of American soccer has then its possible that online cricket betting could increase the demand for more cricket games televised in the USA.

Rapid Growth in the US Online Sports Betting Market

In 2019 the United States Supreme Court ruled that online sports betting is not illegal, paving the way for each state in the USA to establish its own laws and internet gaming regulations of the online betting market that’s growing rapidly on the internet. There are currently many new online sportsbooks for US bettors which are licensed and regulated in the United States.

These legal US sports betting sites are spreading quickly and the demand to watch major league sports events is growing both on television and online streaming sports matches over the internet. The business of sports streaming online is now a multi billion dollar industry in America.

How to Find the Top US Online Gambling Sites


Americans looking for the best gambling sites can go to Wagerz for expert reviews of top rated online sportsbooks and US online casinos. Wagerz.org explains to real money sports bettors which USA sportsbook operators are trustworthy and which betting apps should be avoided due to their low ratings and excessive complaints from American gamblers.

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