Why should we look forward to the 2023 Women’s Cricket World Cup?

Clearly, during the past few years, women’s cricket has undergone a significant improvement in quality. Women’s cricket is not even close to what it was a decade ago. Considering that the best team in women’s cricket, which is Australia, is just so much better than everyone else, the odds are always in their favor. It’s a great chance for any opportunist. Using 1xBet Promo Code India can then be utilized to wager on Australia (or any other team). 


Australian Women's Cricket Team winning 2022 World Cup Title. PC: AusWomenCricket / Twitter
Australian Women’s Cricket Team winning 2022 World Cup Title. PC: AusWomenCricket / Twitter

The Women’s World Cup 2022 was quite successful.

The Australians won so many matches that the rest of the team seems not even worth betting on. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t have an intense tournament like this ever again where so many teams have a shot at the final and even the poorest teams may upset one of the finalists. 

The World Cup was successful despite its predictability. Sure, the oldest and most consistent teams ended up reaching the finals, not to mention that India, the team that has millions of TV audiences in the sport, didn’t even reach the final. The World Cup 2022 still being a success is quite remarkable.

The big three nations in women’s cricket

When we talk about the 3 major nations in women’s cricket, it’s good to be reminded that the 2022 World Cup had a major design flaw for one of them. And that is the time zone because the tournament was held in New Zealand. However, these are the big 3 nations in women’s cricket:


The biggest market for women’s cricket so far has really been in England. It’s where the 2017 women’s world cup was held, and as the powers moved out of England in the men’s game, it pretty much stayed right there for women’s cricket. They were the first professional team and the first one to really make a professional league that is on par with the men’s and not just tacked on the side.

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The only country that rivals England in women’s cricket is Australia, which is the one with the other professional league. Having an unbeatable team and that league is also a huge part of why they are so important in women’s cricket, plus all the winnings that Australia has won. Which is over 90% of the matches they play. They are an absolutely dominating team just like their men’s team was about a decade ago.

New Zealand

Traditionally, the third major nation in women’s cricket is New Zealand, where the last world cup was held. They’re the only country except for Australia and England to ever have won a one-day World Cup until 2016. In fact, that’s when we started calling the World T20 a World Cup. 


Until very recently, many nations neglected or actively made it harder for their women’s teams to succeed. This World Cup in 2022, while flawed and with too few teams and a terrible qualification process, was still actually a fantastic tournament. All eight teams won at least one game, which isn’t something we might have expected. And those are the reasons to look forward to the 2023 women’s cricket world cup.

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