Australia Women’s Cricket Team’s insane winning ratio

When it comes to apex sports entertainment, women’s cricket is unrivaled. Especially at this point in time when the balance between the teams is clearly tilting in favor of the Australian women’s national cricket team. Having dominated almost every game played, they have been the most popular team in bet365 Norge, which accepts sports bets. In cricket, the strongest side usually wins the game, but if we look at the statistics of the Australian women’s team in the past 5 years, they won 97.44% of the games.


Australia Crowned World Champions beating England by 71 Runs in Final. PC: ICC/Getty Images
Australia Crowned World Champions beating England by 71 Runs in Final. PC: ICC/Getty Images

Year Team name Total matches played Total Wins Total Loss
2018 Australia women 6 6 0
2019 Australia women 12 12 0
2020 Australia women 3 3 0
2021 Australia women 6 5 1
2022 Australia women 12 12 0

As seen from the chart, they lost only one single game against India in 2021. The win-loss ratio of the team for the last 5 years is 38:01 and that is insane!

Batting Lineup

In terms of batting average, the team contains 4 players above 50 average namely BL Mooney, EA Perry, G Wareham, and MM Lanning. When we look at strike rates, the trophy for the highest strike rate in women’s cricket goes to A. Gardner. The third place in strike rate is also from the Australian women’s team. There aren’t many teams in the history of cricket with that kind of a strong top order available to them consistently in world cup cycles.

Between World cups, the batting of the team has been so consistent that Australian women have 5 stars with bats ready to play on the top order who between them have made 75% of the team’s total runs. They don’t miss games usually, and they just collect runs.

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Bowling Lineup

Low averages and economy is common for the women’s games but the Australian women are absolutely on top of their game in bowling too. M. Schutt went through the last world cup averaging 17 and JL Jonassen had her beat by a full two runs per wicket. The star wicket-taker of the team was once CL Fitzpatrick who is grossing as the second most wicket-taker in the history of women’s cricket with 180 wickets, but now they have EA Perry in 6th position in that list with 161 wickets. 


The Australian women’s cricket team has won the last two t20 internationals in a row and has a record-breaking winning run of 26 games in a row. If there’s any good news for the other women’s teams competing against Australia, it’s that New Zealand just defeated them in a practice match.

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