Digital Innovations Empowering the Growth of Women’s Cricket Across The Globe

Cricket is a sport in which the usage of technology is crucial to ensure the right decision of the referees on the field and in the study of the motor activity of the body while playing it.

Digital innovations in Cricket are currently used up to a great extent to carry out a series of studies about the impact and description of the player’s movements, game development, game engagement, and even sports betting odds.


Cricket Ground. PC: Unsplash
Cricket Ground. PC: Unsplash

The Spread of Women Cricket Globally

With its British origins, Cricket is a well-known sport, only second to football in 2021 sports popularity contests. Also, with the reality of globalization and the internet age, Cricket has gained popularity by spreading on the net and international sports channels, tournaments, etc. It’s a way to win followers to this particular sports discipline. 

Like in most other sports, women’s version of Cricket is little known globally, but technological and digital innovations empower its growth. Below, we will take a look at some ways this is happening.

It’s known that the usage of cameras (high-range, in drones or carried by camera operators) is an essential application of technology in the sports world. This digital innovation in women’s cricket sport doesn’t reduce the performance of the referee and judges of the tournaments. However, it helps to clarify a confusing play or movement, and it’s essential to spread and engage the sport to those at home. 

Digital innovation has become an efficient tool that allows the maximum development of women’s cricket techniques and growth.

Capture and Describe Game Movements

Although the dynamics of the game of Cricket are fast and seem simple, the exposure of its players to high-sensitivity cameras and sensors yields impressive data. These data generate interest for coaches and players, who can improve training by optimizing their postures and exercises before a match.

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This tech has helped increase the games’ intensity and quality by attracting fans and young females to participate in cricket sports or events. 

The Fight for Fair Tournaments and the Elimination of Corruption

As contradictory as it sounds, there are many sports in which the selfish desires of those who have lost the sporting spirit and the sense of justice in healthy competition appear. It’s primarily the case in women’s crickets at low to medium levels. That is why technology in Cricket is applied to maintain the code that governs its competitions.

For this, a regulatory entity is in charge of planning official events and receiving the fees related to registrations and other vital tasks. So, technology is applied to the field of information and communication to keep teams and players that want to participate in tournaments up to date.

Digital innovation in Women Cricket for Team Growth

A sports team’s performance can be significantly improved by using technology. In women’s cricket matches, players can be monitored in incredible detail for their performance with the bat, on the field, and with the ball. 

As a result, they are also valuable for identifying characteristics that predict how a player will perform at a very high level. Coaches, captains, and teams with this incredible understanding of their players gain valuable advantage when making decisions, resulting in a win or loss.

Digital innovation in Women Cricket for Fan Engagement and Growth

Cricket Australia’s digital platforms have covered the women’s game to the fullest extent possible, which gives fans access to non-broadcast matches, such as the national teams’ international tours and behind-the-scenes video content.

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Through quality broadcasting of game footage and streaming services, women’s cricket in Australia has been able to promote the women’s game via partnerships and digital spreading of short-form media content, including highlights of games. It has helped them achieve engagements and interest in women’s cricket matches.


Even though digital innovation in women’s cricket is not fully widespread in all countries of the world, we could deduce its positive impact on games. Women sports have always played catch up to their men counterparts, but with digital innovation, there is the hope of a level playing field soon.

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