How IPL Fans make money online?

The Indian Premier League is one of the coolest cricket sports tournaments on the planet. The IPL or IPL ranks second in the world in terms of average salaries — $ 5.06 million (more only in the NBA) and 5th in terms of average attendance – 30,000 spectators at a match.

And it’s also two crazy months for bettors. That’s how long the championship lasts. It’s not about onlookers who bet $10 each to make it more fun to watch the game. No, the pros earn millions of dollars from cricket, thanks to high-quality pre-season analytics. They call it homework.

Professional cricket traders most often earn not through classic offices, but through betting exchanges. That is, traders compete with each other. In 2018, through the Betfair exchange alone, the turnover of bets on IPL amounted to 4.3 billion pounds, and the amount was even more significant worldwide.


How IPL Fans make money online?
How IPL Fans make money online?

About earning money on cricket and IPL

The biggest tournaments of the IPL, Big Bash, and ICC. If you successfully work out these three tournaments, there will be enough money for the whole year. The exchange’s liquidity allows. On average, 60-70 million pounds are traded on one IPL game. 

In recent years, cricket betting amounts have been approaching 80 million, and there is reason to believe that the growth will continue.

Who attracts the most interest?

First of all, this is Royal Challengers Bangalore. People think with Ab De Villiers and Virat Kohli, victory is assured, although in reality the team is greatly overrated. Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are also always loved mainly by Indian traders.

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About the Indian specifics of betting

Although betting has been officially banned in India since 1867, the law has completely lagged behind online betting. 

This is used by British betting giants who have created local versions of websites and are pumping money out of the population, even without representative offices in India. And the Indians are fiercely betting, and  IPL cricket betting is the number one sport.

About taxes

When winning on betting exchanges, a trader does not have to pay taxes to the British treasury. In fact, bookmakers charge regular customers a percentage of winnings, sometimes a crazy 60%. This has led to the creation of very young offices that lure traders with zero commission.

About courtsiders

Courtsiders ensure the liquidity of exchanges. A lot of money is made right at the stadiums. Courtsiders do not influence the course of the game, contrary to popular belief. 

They just press a button on the phone or a special panel to make the right bet, depending on what is happening on the field. People do not understand that courtsiders are behind the money that is responsible for their bets on the exchanges.

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